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Posted on Wed Jan 9th, 2019 @ 10:58pm by Lieutenant Robert Atkinson

Mission: Season 2: Episode 3: Determination is not always a good thing
Location: Elysium Academy
Timeline: Current

Lt Atkinson, not exactly young by any stretch of the imagination, stepped off a turbolift into the Elysium d academy complex. And he smiled as he saw cadets of all shapes and sizes go by.

"God. Was I ever that young?" He asked himself as he walked along, just looking around more than anything else at the moment. That was until he saw his office. "Holy crap this is larger than my whole diplomacy suite on the Explorer" he laughed as he marvelled

Sitting at his desk he replicated himself a coffee and got to work, so to speak. He didn't really know where to begin. He'd never been a teacher of anything, let alone a commandant of an academy

So, whilst sipping on his coffee he got himself a padd. And began wracking his brain. "Ok, note one. Listen to the crew" he said. "Like my earlier conversation with Lt Hertz. Operations breaking her bookshelf or whatever it was." He said.

'Ooh. That's a keeper!"he said

"Ok. Reminder, stop by Holodeck for idea session."

Just then, his stomach began to rumble. He ignored it.. "I'll replicates something later"

"Ok, where was I? Oh right, notes
Note two, meet with staff. That's obvious."

Then his stomach rumbled ever louder.
Robert sighed. "Fine! If it will shut you up!' he yelled. "Computer, save notes"

"To the mess hall I guess" he laughed as he left. "I'll need the wall thing to find it though "

Lt Robert Atkinson
Academy Commandant
USS Elysium


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