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Hostages Part 3

Posted on Sun Jan 6th, 2019 @ 4:12am by Chief Petty Officer Liorga

Mission: Season 2: Episode 3: Determination is not always a good thing
Location: Dunphy's Hideaway
Timeline: during/after Dirty Money

Syren had taken Liorga to meet the other consorts, five other women besides Syren. They shared a common general appearance, thin with very short hair, mostly dressed in black and leather, almost like some sort of club uniform or something. Liorga kept her serene demeanor on the outside, though seeing these women was disturbing, they were called consorts, but they seemed to be hostages, just like her, "So, this is it, huh?"

"What were ya expectin', love?" Syren laughed, "The Betazed Hilton?" She led Liorga to what was supposed to be a bed, though it looked like it had been brokeen for years, "Here we are."

"Right." Liorga nodded, repeating, "Here we are."

"Don't worry, love." Syren encouraged, "The first time is always rough, but we get each other through it, then he eases off a bit. You just have to be a bit careful with whatcha say an' do. Once you learn that, no harm will ever come to you and you can eventually get his trust, then he'll let you go on runs like he does me and Goldie."

"Which one is Goldie?" Liorga turned her head from side to side, studying the room.

"Goldie's out meeting your friends." A young woman with what looked like a pixie cut done with a knife interjected; she appeared to be either half Vulcan or half Romulan and was a good ten pounds underweight. She extended her hand, "Hi, I'm Tiana."

Liorga went to reply, then paused, remembering Syren's instructions that she was to speak only to her.

"It's okay, love." Syren smiled, "Get to know the other girls, you might be here a long time."

"I'm Liorga." She replied, taking the other woman's hand, which was surprisingly soft.

"I'm Vixen." A black woman, she looked to be all of nineteen, with a shiny head introduced herself. She looked Liorga over and turned to Syren, "You already cut her hair, Sy?"

"No, she came this way, Vix." Syren laughed, "She's a Deltan."

"Oh, son of a bitch." Vixen cursed, Deltans meant a visit from Barny, and that was never pleasant for any of them, except Syren who he didn't dare touch.

"It'll be fine." Syren said, raising her palm to silence any further protest, "He's a month out at high warp. Besides that, I don't think he's got any money left anymore."

"I don't care." Vixen replied coldly, "He touches me again and I'll kill him."

"And then Quin might kill you." Syren sighed and shook her head, they'd been through this before, many times, "And maybe another of us, or all of us. You've got to think about more than yourself, Vix."

Vixen lowered her head and nodded, "You're right." Syren was right, this life they had wasn't great by any stretch, and it was tenuous, based on the moods of a mentally deficient sociopath, but it was life, so it was a chance. She raised her eyes again to Liorga's, pointing to three more bald or nearly bald women, "Those are Emmy, Blue, and Sonira, they're almost as new as you."

"So, why do you cut their hair off, Syren?" Liorga asked, though she thought with these women technically being part of the gang it might be some strange initiation, "Looks a little like boot camp in here."

"Well, yeah, it's a safety measure." Syren shrugged, she'd explained this before, though she hadn't expected it to even come up with the Deltan.

"Lice?" Liorga questioned. Would make sense, she thought, conditions being primitive and septic as they are.

"No." Tiana shook her head, "A much bigger bug."

Syren shot Tiana a sharp look, though she didn't light into her, "Qiun's got a bit of a temper, and when he loses it, he gets violent." She explained, "And he tends to grab anything he can get hold of..."

"Like Nancy." Vixen said sadly.

"Right. Poor Nancy." Syren continued, "She was number one when I arrived, as beautiful as the stars. She had this porcelain doll face, blonde hair to her bum, looked just like an Angel. Well, she made Quin mad one night and he grabbed her by that beautiful head of hair of her's and dragged her face across the wall until she collapsed."

"Her face was basically torn off." Vixen added, Liorga needed to know how dangerous Quin was, "She'd have been disfigured..."

"Right. If she'd lived." Syren finished Vixen's thought, "Mercifully she died during the night from blood loss. So, that next day I, as the new number one, decided everybody was going short. Kind of gets them used to the idea that their old life is over, plus it gives them a few seconds extra if he tries grabbin' them like he did Nancy, usually enough time for me to calm him..."

"Wow." was all Liorga could manage, the situation was even worse than she'd feared. She could see the trauma on all of their faces, everything about their lives is taken away from them so they can fill his sick needs and in return he rewards them merely by not murdering them, and they've come to take that as a blessing. She knew what they were going through, this wasn't her first time being held captive by a pervert.

"Hey, it's not so bad, right?" Syren smiled, running her hand through what little hair she had, "Sort of a bonding thing for us all."

"I suppose." Liorga shrugged and then forced herself to laugh, "And I already fit in." The others laughed along, though she knew a lot of them were laughing to keep from crying. She knew what a seemingly silly thing like hair meant to the species that had it, making her think of Estelle and her morning routine that spent enough time on getting her hair just perfect that made Liorga positive she would starve to death; Liorga resolved then that she was getting back to Estelle.

The door to the consort's room swung open and Quinton Dunphy stepped through, grinning like a felonious Cheshire cat, as he pointed towards Liorga, "What's she doin' in here, Sy?"

"Barny's a month out." Syren stated, her voice showing she wasn't going to flex on what she was about to drop on him, "Until then this pretty little thing is property of Syren, got me?"

"Yeah, whatever." Dunphy shrugged, "No skin off a' my butt. Anyway, you oughta know we're takin' your buddy and droppin' him off with your people."

Liorga wanted to ask when, but again reflected on Syren's instructions, knowing setting this man off could bring further harm on her sister hostages, so she stayed silent.

"When's he leavin', Quin?" Syren asked, getting Liorga the information Syren knew she wanted.

"Already gone. Jonesy and Bug are takin' him right now." Dunphy replied, "Where's Goldie?"

"I dunno, Quin." Syren answered, a knot of fear coming up in her stomach, 'She hasn't been back yet..."

"If that bitch has run off...' Dunphy began, clenching his fists, then relaxing. Even if Goldie had run off, even if she had run off with the money, it didn't matter, because Princess Cueball over there was worth a Hell of a lot more, "You make sure she eats good, Syren. Ol' Barny's breakin' the bank for this one..."


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