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Hostages Part 2

Posted on Wed Jan 2nd, 2019 @ 6:12pm by Chief Petty Officer Liorga

Mission: Season 2: Episode 3: Determination is not always a good thing
Location: The Hideaway
Timeline: a few hours after Hostages Part 1

After a few minutes of driving around in circles their captors had stopped in a clearing to put bags over Liorga and Dorso's heads before driving in even more circles in all directions for what seemed like hours before they finally stopped. I guess we've reached our destination, she thought, maybe they'll let Dorso go...

"Right, let's go.' Syren said, taking Liorga's arm with a surprisingly gentle touch, "Come on."

"What about Dorso?" Liorga asked, her head still bagged, "If he dies you're all going to have Hell to pay."

"She's right, ya know!" Jonesy exclaimed, "Not a great idea to cross Starfleet, Boss."

"This time I gotta agree with the old fool." Bug stated, "I was a Marine, I've seen how they come after the lot that grab their people. It's not pretty, Boss."

"Yeah, well, I am." Syren laughed, "Besides, Quin sent Goldie out to deliver the message. She'll be back in a few hours with the money and we can drop Pukey McGee back there off with his people, right?"

"Right." Dunphy said, speaking for the first time since he'd bagged Liorga's head, "Then we get this one off to Ol' Barney."

"Goldie?" Bug laughed, "That ignorant welp will probably spend the money on some more of that arse ugly gold dye for her hair. Walkin' through the galaxy lookin' like an awards statue..."

"Would you shut up?" Jonesy implored, his voice near panic, "You know not to insult any of the Boss' ladies, fool!"

"Hey, both of ya shut up." Syren demanded, "When Goldie comes back, we'll give you your cut before we sell off this crazy dune buggy, then we'll split the digs for a bit."

"Because they're coming after you." Liorga informed, "They're probably already on their way. Maybe security, most likely a hazmat team though..."

Dunphy walked to the Deltan woman, debating whether or not he even cared about the price she'd fetch at this point, and snatched the bag off of her head, "What are you on about?" He snarled.

"Look at him." She answered, nodding her head towards Dorso, "He was fine this morning, now... That's not natural, Mr. Quinn."

"Boss, she's right!" Jonesy interrupted, now panicking, "That's not natural! We need to get him out of here before he infects us all with whatever he's got."

"Piss off." Dunphy laughed, then slung Liorga to the ground, "Syren, you take care of her until I get back. Jonesy, Bug, you two come with me. We've got a go cart to sell."

As soon as Dunphy and his cohorts left, Syren turned serious, "Okay, listen good and understand this, because if you make Quin angry he's gonna hurt you, maybe me as well." She started, grabbing Liorga's face for emphasis, "I'm not about to have that big bastard slappin' me around because you want to be a hero. You do what I say, when I say, you don't talk unless you're talkin' to me, and whatever Quin wants, we do, got it?" When Liorga didn't answer fast enough, Syren slapped her, just hard enough to get her attention, "Got it?"

"Fine." Liorga replied.

"Look, it's not gonna be so bad, honey." Syren said, trying to be comforting, "You just be a good girl, Syren will take good care of you, and neither of us have to be hurt. Well, least not until Barney comes for you, if he does."

"Who's Barney?" Liorga asked.

"Never you mind, love." Syren shook her head, "You just let me worry about you, right? If Barney don't come, I'll either convince Quin to ransom you out or keep you here with us, but only if you don't piss him off, got it?"

"Okay." Liorga nodded, more than pleased with the intel Syren didn't realize she'd just given her. It seemed Syren was scared of this Quinn, too. She began to wrack her brain for ways to use that to her advantage. "Who's us?"

"That would be me and the rest of the consorts." Syren answered, didn't figure it would hurt since the Deltan was probably going to end up staying there anyway, "There's seven of us these days. But make no mistake, I'm number one."

"Whatever." Liorga shrugged, "I've got no interest in your position. I just want to get home and get Dorso to a doctor."

"Well, that's not going to happen anytime soon, love." Syren answered back, "And it won't happen at all if you piss Quin off, remember that."

"What do you want from me?" Liorga asked, having already decided she would comply just long enough to find a way to make her break.

"Right now I want you to get pretty for me." Syren said, "That's all. I'll let you shower right through there, get you something nicer to put on besides that ugly thing, then we'll wait for Quin."

"Okay." Liorga nodded, not making eye contact.

"Shower's right over there." Syren said, pointing to the bathroom in what was clearly once a Starfleet installation, looked to be late 22nd to early 23rd century technology, "You just mind yourself and it'll be fine. Trust me."

"Okay." Liorga replied, "I trust you, Syren."

"Good. Now you go clean up, I'll see to your friend a minute." Syren offered, leading the Deltan woman into the bathroom and locking the door behind her.

Liorga started the sonic shower, doing Julia's wide smile to clean her mouth since she didn't think Quinn was exactly going to be handing out Red Cross care packages. After about ten minutes she heard the door open and Syren entered, laying a red short dress down on a nearby chair, "Thank you." Liorga said politely, though the desire to choke the mohawked woman with that dress was palpable.

"That's his favorite color, it'll get you in good with him." Syren informed her, "You might not believe this, but I'm trying to make sure you survive this, alright?"

It was at that moment that Liorga realized something, she did believe Syren, "That's just the thing, I do believe you.'' She admitted, "I just don't know why you're doing this."

"We all do what we've got to do to get by and, whenever possible, thrive." Syren shrugged, clearly the Deltan woman hadn't had to get by in the real world for quite a while, secure as she was in the ivory tower of Starfleet, "Now, are you going to do what you have to do to survive and maybe even thrive, love?"

"I'll do whatever you say." Liorga vowed, "Just get Dorso to a doctor."

"In good time." Syren promised, "In the meantime, we're going to be expected to perform for Quin's pleasure tonight once he gets back, so you don't go thinking anything stupid, much less doin' it, okay?"

"Okay." Liorga nodded, keeping her words to a minimum.

"Right." Syren smiled, kissing the Deltan's forehead, "You just be a good girl and I promise you'll survive this."

"I guess it's the best I can hope for now." Liorga lamented, the hand Syren placed on her leg not as comforting as her female captor had probably hoped, but she was in no position to complain anyway.


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