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Miss fix it

Posted on Wed Jan 2nd, 2019 @ 10:35am by Lieutenant Kara Hoffman
Edited on on Wed Jan 2nd, 2019 @ 10:36am

Mission: Season 2: Episode 3: Determination is not always a good thing
Location: USS Elysium Main Engineering/Deflector Control
Timeline: Present

As the Warp cores hummed and throbbed, throwing their beautiful blue and red glow around the main engineering bay, Kara sat at her station looking over a set of numbers filtering onto the screen in front of her. A few fellow engineering staff were moving back and forth from her, to other stations located around. Handing Kara Padd's and tricorder's, only to be sighed at and sent back to whence they had come from.

"Chief says he needs that deflector array to be triple checked. I don't want him to find out we're way behind schedule and haven't even started our maintenance yet because of mis-information! Let's go team, we don't have long to get this little hiccup sorted out. Please try to figure out what is happening." Kara said aloud, the engineering team did not look at her, they were already being worked hard enough.

With a large sigh she placed her hand onto her forehead and turned back to her console. Reaching for her cup of coffee, taking a long sip and placing it down once more. "I do not need the Captain to become aware that we might lose power to half the bloody ship because of a minor problem. This ship is the most advanced there is, yet she's acting like a spoiled teenager!" Kara whispered in a hushed tone to herself. Poring through window after window of seemingly endless data. "Elysium, if you save my butt i'd really appreciate it..."

"Found it!" A young Engineer shouted, as Kara and the rest of the team looked up. "Sorry, my fault I didn't recouple the ODN lines after making some repairs. I'll fix it now Sir." The young engineer quickly darted out of sight on the upper walkway.

"Make sure to use the ODN scanner, set it to a frequency of 44.9hz and check the surrounding lines. If all looks good, you know what to do. The ODN recoupler is in the toolkit at junction 12 up there, for goodness sakes don't use anything else this time!" Kara shouted up, smiling as she did so. She enjoyed working with this team. She would always tell chief Grronkil to relax and allow her to finish major projects. She wanted to prove that she was worthy of his and the Captain's trust and that she could lead the team reliably. After all the Assistant chief must be ready to step up if the chief was ever indisposed, or injured in the line of duty.

"The repair is finished, all should look good now!" The young engineer shouted down from the catwalk up above. Again he moved to quick for Kara to see just who exactly it was, but she could tell by the sound of his voice. Petty officer Juller, a very young, and very inexperienced engineer. However somehow when the time comes he always manages to pull through. "You're just better under pressure, that's all it is." She whispered. She had been running the night shift for quite some time, and had completed quite a number of projects around the ship now, it was time to face deflector maintenance. Something she had dreaded. Normally deflector maintenance was done only once a month, since more often than not everything ran pretty smooth, however this time, it had been scheduled a few days earlier. right as Kara was due to watch over the team for the rest of the shift.

"Juller, Mart and Hannah, grab toolkits please we're heading up to deck 27. Come on let's go. I want this deflector maintenance sorted out pronto." Kara stood from her chair, taking the last swig of coffee, and placed her cup down, reaching underneath her station to grab her own toolkit. The standard federation toolkits were boring, so she had redecorated hers. It was rainbow coloured. Nobody could say they didn't know whose tools they were, that's for sure.

Sam Juller, the young Petty officer with short cropped brown hair and freckles. Ensign Kim Mart, middle aged woman with beautiful blonde hair and a really bad attitude. Senior Chief Petty Officer Higo Hannah, an asian woman with a shy disposition, short black hair and who is extremely quiet pretty much always. These three were the trouble makers of the class. Kara hadn't quite gained their trust yet, but they did as they were told and usually listened well.

The four of them left Main engineering and headed into the turbolift. "Deck 27, deflector control." Kara said, as the computer shut the doors and started to move them to where they needed to be. "Alright, should be pretty standard..." Before Kara could finish young petty officer Juller chimed in. "Um, sorry, but um, what exactly does a deflector do?"

Kara and the other two turned around stunned and stared at the young man, who eyed them cautiously.

"You...have got to be kidding me Juller." Kara slapped her face to her hand, nearly dropping her toolkit. "Computer halt turbo lift." With that the turbo lift came to a stop. "The main deflector emits low powered parabolic deflector shields to deflect low mass particles and dust. These shields extend to around 2 kilometres past the main deflector shields. For larger objects, small meteors or debris, the dish will emit a tractor or deflector beam to move those objects out of the way. These beams reach hundreds of kilometres ahead of the ship.Deflector shields were in part designed for combat. They deflect objects and dissipate energy, not destroy them. During flight, the shields operate at a low power mode to deflect any debris which might get past the main deflector. During a combat situation, they are brought up to a combat mode. Think of them, as stopping a tiny particle of dust, blowing a large hole in the hull as we travel. I do not want to have to explain that again, you need to do some reading young man. If the chief finds out you've skipped lessons, he will NOT be as understanding as I am. Technically I should say here and now you're not fit for service but...I've seen what you can do." Kara let out a long sigh. "Resume turbo lift please...before i throw you out of it Juller." Kara gave a wink and a half sarcastic smile. "Elysium, If I promise to give you a maintenance overhaul, please please please, work with me for this diagnostic. I'll never forget it." Kara whispered under her breath, making sure the other young officer's did not hear a word. She tapped the side of the turbo lift as it came to a stop on deck 27 and they all exited, heading for deflector control. ~Don't know what a deflector does, oh boy...What a bloody day. I hope Gallia's having a better day than me right about now.~


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By Lieutenant JG Gallia Norris on Wed Jan 2nd, 2019 @ 10:50am

LOL, well, Dorso is sick and out of commission, and now he and Liorga are both kidnapped, so not so much....