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Could Use Some Help Here...

Posted on Wed Jan 2nd, 2019 @ 7:49am by Chief Petty Officer Liorga & Lieutenant Commander Anje Brett
Edited on on Wed Jan 2nd, 2019 @ 7:49am

Mission: Season 2: Episode 3: Determination is not always a good thing
Location: Planetside
Timeline: after Don't Feel So Good

While Gallia and the younger crewmen went about the cleanup, Liorga began making contact with Lt. Brett, =A=Petty Officer Liorga to Lt. Brett.=A=

A few kilometers away, Anje, buried in padds and reports and requests for aid, was startled back to reality by the chirping of her communicator and Liorga's voice, =A=This is Brett, go ahead Liorga.=A= She began, hoping she wasn't noticeably out of breath.

=A=Yeah, Lieutenant, we've got a bit of a mess down here. Water reclamation plant is almost totally destroyed, beyond our replicators' capacity. Ens. Norris is communicating with the ship for use of their facilities, but for right now...=A= Liorga started, hoping Brett knew what she as leading to as for some reason the veteran engineer's eyes kept drifting to Dorso....

=A=You need to borrow one of my replicators?=A= Anje finished her sentence, =A=I've got two I can spare, it'll just make things a little tight here. Getting them to you is going to be the problem, though.=A=

=A=How so?=A= Liorga asked, moving stuff was rarely a problem in that day and age; in fact, it was the first time she'd heard it in years.

=A=I've got several of my people down with some sort of illness.=A= Anje replied, =A=And transporters are hit and miss right now.=A=

=A=Maybe we can help each other out.=A= Liorga offered, =A=I'll take a vehicle and come over and check your transporter problems and then load the replicator up in it and kill two birds with one stone.=A=

=A=Okay, that works.=A= Anje replied, =A=Thank you, Liorga. Brett out.=A=

Liorga, slightly annoyed at how the solving of one problem continually led to the discovery of another on this mission, walked to the Argo Jeep, waving to Gallia to let her know she was taking it with her, receiving a thumbs up from the redhead before taking off towards the Ops center. It wouldn't take long, only a few kilometers drive, though something was playing on a loop in her mind. I've got several of my people down with some sort of illness, she remembered, that lodged in her brain and took hold, leading her to one thought, "Dorso!"

She spun the jeep around, just in time to see Dorso fall over. She slapped her commbadge, planning to call Elysium to beam Dorso up to sickbay, the device only emitted a faint chirp and nothing more. Rushing from the jeep to Dorso's side she told Gallia, "Help me get him in there, I'll take him to Estelle...."

To Be Continued...


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