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Don't Feel So Good....

Posted on Wed Jan 2nd, 2019 @ 6:29am by Lieutenant JG Gallia Norris & Chief Petty Officer Liorga & Crewman Samantha Justice

Mission: Season 2: Episode 3: Determination is not always a good thing
Location: Planetside

Gallia had taken her damage control team to what remained of the city's main water reclamation center, and could only shake her head and sigh at what she saw, "Oh, bloody Hell..." She groaned when she could finally manage to speak; the place was a total wreck, most of the structure was either destroyed or damaged and much of the machinery was reduced to scrap, "Well, this should be fun."

"Well, shit." Liorga sighed as she joined her boss, "This is going to be a much bigger problem than we were told by Private Pike." She said, referencing one of the home guard guys who'd given them directions to locations that needed repairs.

"Stupid boy." Gallia muttered, then turned to Liorga, "We're gonna need more hands, Li."

"A lot more." Liorga agreed, "And we're going to need to replicate a lot of this stuff on the Elysium, the machines we brought down can't handle the capacity we're going to need."

"Right." Gallia nodded sullenly, every turn seemed to lead to a new and worse problem than they had been told to expect. Of course, there wasn't really anything they could do about it except call Elysium and add even more crucial hours they didn't have to the timeline for fixing this mess, "Can we get in touch with Home Guard for some hands, Li?"

"Yes, sir." Liorga replied, "And I suggest calling Lt. Brett, see if Ops has a replicator we can borrow until Elysium is able to help, take some of the strain off and shave some time off our work here, too."

"Well, if anyone understands the importance of a good shave." Gallia laughed, patting Liorga's nude dome, "Right, go get on the horn with Brett, I'll call the ship and Home Guard, get started on clearing debris, see how much material we can reuse, maybe destroy the rest with phasers on max setting."

"That's a very lazy approach, Ensign." Liorga faux chided, "I like it." If there was one thing about Gallia that made her one of the Deltan engineer's favorite young officers she'd ever worked with it was her ability to think on her feet and improvise in the field.

"Like my dad useta say, 'If ya aren't cheatin' you aren't tryin' hard enough.'" Gallia stated, motioning Sami Justice and Dorso over while Liorga went to a quieter place to call Anje Brett, "Okay, you two, we're gonna be gettin' some help from the locals as soon as we can, in the mean time, let's start movin' as much a' this crap as we can, shout out if ya see somethin' we might can save."

"Aye aye, sir." Dorso quickly replied, his dad was a Marine and it showed in his deportment, especially with officers. He pointed ahead to a control panel for an industrial water converter, a kind of super powered desalinization plant, "That looks like it could be made operational again."

Sami looked over and smiled, nodding in agreement, Dorso was catching on fast, though, he didn't look so good right now: he had a runny nose and was sweating like a pig in a bacon factory in spite of the fact they hadn't done much yet and it wasn't hot out. She decided not to say anything, he'd probably just stayed up too late chasing women the night before, "Right!" She began, "Okay, Johnny, you grab the back of this bad boy, I'll get it at the front, we can shuffle our way to that clearing two meters out, see if it's good to go."

"Right." Dorso replied, though, truth being told, he didn't feel so good. But, he wouldn't say anything, he was raised not to be a complainer, nobody liked a complainer. He moved out smartly to help Justice lift and move the machine, though all he really wanted to do was throw up....


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