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Born Again

Posted on Wed Aug 8th, 2018 @ 3:03pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Railli Feyth & Lieutenant Commander Sthilg & Lieutenant Tate Sullivan Ph.D.

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: DS9 Medbay
Timeline: Prior to the departure of the Eclipse

The quiet of the rather empty sickbay was broken as the Elysium's party entered, the sound of a woman in pain filling the room. Sthilg eyes were fixed on his wrist computer as he monitored mother and baby's life signs. Glancing at the nurse who had finished prepping one of the bio beds. Without needing to be told the nurse wealed the holo stretcher over and lifted it to the right level. " Feyth we're going to lift you over to the bio bed. " He explained calmly as he put his arms under hers.

Tate stayed close by but allowed the doctor and the nurse to complete the transfer to the bed. "You're doing great, sweetie. You're strong and you're going to be just fine." She turned her to the doctor and asked more softly, "Is she fully dilated? It seems a bit soon for her to be out of active labor already. I know things can progress more smoothly sometimes if the mother to be is allowed to walk around or change positions rather than remain flat on her back." Sullivan also knew it would be important to help induce a state of relaxation for Feyth as her Bajoran physiology could respond to naturally produced endorphins. The labor and birth would not be completely pain-free, of course, but every little bit helped, my a
fact they had learned together in their childbirth preparation classes.

“Am I?” the Bajoran asked. “Dilated? Should I be walking? Do I lie down for now? Is everything okay?”

" You're currently dilated at ssseven and a half inches. The babies definitely coming. You can move into a more comfortable position if you want to, but i don't want to risssk you walking around. " the gorn replied as he pulled on a pair of gloves. " Feyth just continue breathing you're doing great. Do you want something to drink?" He asked in an almost grandfatherly tone.

“No, no drinks,” she said. Her head flopped back against the bed. Seeing Tate standing next her immediately filled her with calm. Somehow she knew that between her and Doctor Sthilg, everything was going to work out fine. “I’m ready. I think.”

" Jussst lie back and relax my dear. Have you thought of a name?" the gorn asked as he kept his eye on the computers.

She placed a hand on her belly and winced. This was certainly more painful than it had been the first time, all those years ago. Perhaps the human father played a factor? Or maybe it was all in her head. Maybe it was just the stress of having this child and the world that she was bringing her into. "I had a few ideas for names, but I hadn't decided yet," Feyth admitted. "What about on your world? Do you have any names you like?"

Tate was a bit disappointed the doctor didn't want Feyth moving around. Sullivan knew it would be important to distract her from the pain and freedom of movement could be a distraction and help the baby to descend but talking could be a fair distraction as well. She was curious about potential names as well. She didn't know what the latest finalists were.

" I'm afraid i don't know many gorn names how doesss the name Sssedi sssound? It means ssstarlight in the old Orion tongue. It's what me and my wife would have called our daughter. " The gorn replied as he offered his real hand for her to squeeze.

Feyth look up to Sullivan. "Sedi. What do you think?"

Tate knew it was important to keep her as relaxed as possible, so she was happy to discuss baby names. "It's certainly unique. Does it mean something special?"

" In the old tongue of orion in meansss ssstarlight." The gorn replied calmly as he still kept his eyes on the computer consol keeping track of her stats.

"That's beautiful," she replied, taking note of what the doctor had shared. She was primarily focused on the mother to be, but made a mental note to get to know the doctor better. She replied, I'm taking note of what the doctor had shared. She was primarily focused on the mother to be, but made a mental note to get to know the doctor better. To Feyth, she asked, "Can I get you anything? Ice chips or maybe a wet washcloth for your forehead?"

The Bajoran reached up to give her friend's hand a squeeze. "Yes. All of the above," she said, smiling through her nerves.

In short order, Tate had procured a cold cloth and a cup of ice chips. She gently moved the cloth over the mother to be's forehead, quietly watchful of any signs of pain or stress on her face. Staying calm was important for any mother in labor, but it was especially critical for Bajorans whose bodies would only release the baby if they managed to induce just the right level of relaxation. She offered the ice chips while also offering murmurs of gentle encouragement and reassurance.

Feyth sucked in a deep breath, closing her eyes. "Okay," she said. "I think this is it. I think...I don't know if I can do this."

"Yesss you can my dear, Just breath and relax and you'll sssoon have your new baby." The gorn said as he jumped into action one eye still fixed on the screen.

Feyth closed her eyes. She cupped her hands together and placed them over her nose and mouth. Her arms began to tremble as the fear swelled.

Tate didn't need her to offer words to know she was getting anxious, whether out of sheer anticipation or physical pain she didn't know, but ultimately, it didn't matter. Placing a reassurance hand on her shoulder, Sullivan said quietly, "You're OK and so is the baby. Remember what we practiced in class? Surrender to your body and let it slowly open up. The doctor will let you know when you can push, I'm sure. In the meantime, do you think you can practice some of the relaxation strategies we learned?" She knew traditional birthing practices might have them using gongs and other rhythmic methods to increase relaxation, but more modern classes had shown both of them those items weren't necessary for a successful birth.

Nodding quietly, Feyth found herself easily slipping back into into the breathing exercises they had practiced so many times before. She focused her senses on the sound and sensations of her own breath. And the room began to fade. A calm began to wash over her, and she was dully aware that she was holding onto something. Tate's hand. So calm now. So relaxed. The Bajoran's head drifted slightly from side to side as she idly wondered if it might be possible that she would soon drift off into restful sleep.

Railli realized then that she had entered the final stages of full labor. Much unlike most other species she knew, Bajoran childbirth was often a near euphoric experience. She smiled brightly at the memory of some rather jealous human mothers-to-be in her childbirth class. Her eyelids pulled apart slowly. "Time to push?" she asked the doctor.

The gorn smiled as he looked at her. " Yesss it's time to pusssh. I may need to move her head ssslightly, but everything looksss fine." he said in his professional yet caring tone.

The panic was gone. The worry was gone. There was just this moment. This room. And the three of them in it. Oh, but they were all waiting on her for something, weren't they? Right. Yes. Time for the fourth person to arrive. She closed her eyes again, dreamily, and began to push, her efforts in time with the doctor's far away commanding voice.

"That's it," Sullivan encouraged softly, keeping hold of the mother to be's hand. Standing where she was, she couldn't see how things were progressing, and a part of her wanted to witness the little girl slowly. emerge, but she didn't want to leave Feyth's side. So far, it seemed as though the endorphins were keeping her relaxed, but Sullivan knew that was a delicate balance not entirely controlled by Feyth's body. Much also depended on the baby's position and size. The process wasn't entirely pain-free either. It was called labor for a reason after all. "Take a breath, love. Let's ease her out."

Feyth pushed again, her eyes on Doctor Sthlig the entire time, watching him for any sign of concern. Despite the endorphin-rich euphoria of childbirth, she could not let herself believe that everything was going to be okay.

Despite his reptilian face a look of warmth was spread across the reptile as he reached for one of the foil blankets as a soft crying began to fill the room. Gently handling the newborn the lizard wiped some of the blood and other fluids from her before wrapping her in a blanket and handling her to her mother. "Her ssshe is Sssedi this is your mommy. I''m sssure ssshe'sss happy to meet you." He said calmly.

Railli eagerly took her daughter into her arms. Already the chemical high was lulling and she found herself crashing hard, an intense weariness seeping into her bones. But still a proud smile painted her tired face. "Thank you, Doctor. Thank you," she said. Feyth looked up at Tate. "Isn't she absolutely beautiful?"

" Ssshe isssn't ssshe. " The gorn said grinning as he whipped off his hands in a vat of white goo held by one of the nurses feeling very happy about himself.

Tate's face was suddenly awash with tears she didn't even know she had started shedding. One moment she was encouraging Feyth to push, and the next moment, the sweetest newborn cry reached her ears. Sedi was here. Sedi was here and Tate loved her more than words could describe. "She's perfect, Feyth. She's absolutely perfect."


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