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A Doctor Calls

Posted on Sun Jan 13th, 2019 @ 12:18am by Commander Aurelia Holmes & Lieutenant Commander Estelle Hertz MD

Mission: Season 2: Episode 3: Determination is not always a good thing
Location: Security Chief's Office
Timeline: Shortly before arrival at the planet

Estelle was making her rounds, carrying with her the personalised medkit she used, which was really a standard medkit with a few extra items added that Estelle felt she shouldn't be caught without. She wanted to check on Commander Holmes, who she had only ever met during official gatherings, but whose recent medical history certainly prompted a follow-up, which was also a convenient excuse to just say hello. Ringing the bell, she waited.

Lia heard the bell, "Ok, ok, come in and stop ringing that damn bell". She looked somewhat surprised as the Doc stood there when the door opened, "Oh hi Doc, sorry got a bit of a headache. Anything I can do for you?"

"I think we might better reverse the question, hm?" Estelle asked, taking her tricorder from her medkit and beginning a scan. "I've come to check up on you. I realise I can't compete with the genetically engineered super surgeon who treated you a little while ago, but I can follow up on his work and see how you're doing."

Looking at Estella, Lia was somewhat confused by her comment. "Are you talking about Doctor Bashir? Hey that guy had his hands full with me, and he helped me out with my sexual inhibitions". She waited as the Doc stopped waving her tricorder about, "And to answer your question, I'm doing just fine. But is that the only reason your here?"

"Well, that last part I could have done, too", Estelle teased. She walked around the desk to stand by Lia's side. "Hm, hypertension, which causes these headaches if you're not used to it. You've been under a lot of stress lately, haven't you?" Estelle put her fingers to Lia's neck, feeling for more signs of tension. "I spoke to the first officer earlier, he said I should try to address you by the wrong name, to get a reaction out of you. Would that work?"

A frown crossed Lia's face, "I wouldn't try it if I were you Doc, certain things are best left unsaid. And any how, I always thought you medical people were here to assist others? Not wind them up, and see what happens". As Estella poked and prodded her, Lia looked at the Doctors eyes, "Why do some Doctors have beautiful eyes? Is it some kind of must have equipment to keep women quiet?"

Estelle cocked her head to the side and thought on that for a moment. "Hm, I don't know. I don't think a study has ever been made on that subject. But it is true, a calm expression goes a long way towards putting patients at ease." She smiled at Lia. "And thank you. However, winding people up, that's a private pleasure, not part of my profession." She replicated a glass of strong Earl Grey tea for Lia and placed it on her desk right in front of her. "This should help with your headache. The bergamot in Earl Grey calms the nerves, lets you relax."

Looking at the tea Lia sniffed, "Never drink the stuff, and relaxing isn't something one does when working in Security. Tell me where did you do your training? The Billy Smart School of Insults and Quackery?" She flashed Estelle a wide grin, "Listen Doc, if and when we get some down time. Hows about we two meet on a holodeck, I have a very nice Japanese Tea House program, I use it to relax and also learn how to be a Geisha. If you wish I could let you train along side me, Oka-san might have something to say though".

"I'd certainly enjoy taking a look", Estelle smiled. She had no idea what geishas did but she knew it was a tradition from a part of Earth, a world she'd only ever spent time on while at the Academy. "But, you should still drink the tea. You may trust me enough to know it does have proper medicinal value, even if quacking isn't far from the truth." She sat down on the other side of Lia's desk. "Come on, this tea will increase your ability to function, not limit it. Far fewer side-effects than normal medication, too."

Nodding Lia picked up the tea, "Ok Doc, you've convinced me. But just what did our XO tell you about me?"

Estelle chuckled. "Well, I asked him about something to break the ice with you. He said, whatever I did, I shouldn't call you by the wrong name. I don't know where that came from, I figured I'd twist it around. I hope for his sake that's not what he did while you two were in bed together. That would be bad."

The Doctor's comment made Lia laugh, "Oh listen, it took him over a year, and me to visit Bashir. Before he even got inside my bedroom, so saying the wrong name would have been fatal. No, what he's referring to is my proper Christian name, Aurelia". She moved almost subconsciously, "My Father used to call me by that name before he.............Enjoyed himself with my body". Lia visually reddened, "So people have learned not to call me by that name, it can be akin to lighting a fuse". Lia looked up at the ceiling, "Right, that's enough of that, I've drunk your tea and you've prodded my head and neck. So you gonna tell me about you and if you have a partner?"

"I do, so you needn't worry about me trying to butt in on anything", Estelle smiled. "Yes, I'm the one who's famous - or is that infamous? - for ducking around, and yes, I went through the trouble of making Gary a wooden duck for his desk, but it's all perfectly innocent." Estelle decided to simply acknowledge the narrative she'd given her, it seemed rehearsed, like something she'd had to say many times and would rather not, and as such Estelle didn't want to prod. "I met a beauty of an engineer a few days after coming aboard, her name's Liorga. I'm hoping she'll move in with me after we're back from the planet. I'll ask her."

A smile crossed Lia's face, "Lucky you, I somehow feel Gary and me may take a little longer before we move in together. He may think I'm rushing it, or it just might not work out. My love of Japanese culture means a lot of the time there's Japanese music playing in my quarters, and if he doesn't like it he may get to hate it and me". She took another sip of the tea, "Ugh, are you sure about this stuff? Gotta say it tastes revolting, now a good old chocolate milkshake I would kill for".

"There's no reason you can't have both", Estelle suggested. "But yes, I'm sure about that. I've been using this to treat headaches ever since I got a concussion playing with classmates. They didn't take into account that my sense of balance wasn't as great as that of a species with antennae. But they were amazed at my capacity for ingesting poison. Caffeine is dangerous for Andorians."

"Is it? I never knew that, I suppose coffee must be banned on the Androian home world". She took the last sip and pulled the typical disgust face, "Nope sorry, don't think I'm gonna make this a favourite. Mind you, Gary might like it. He's into all natural things, but that doesn't explain why he set his eye on me". Lia giggled as she spoke, she was starting to warm to this medic.

"You're saying you're not natural?" Estelle asked. "By your medical record, you haven't had a lot of work done. Or is there something that's not in the files?" She grinned at her.

Lia looked at the floor, "Doc, my records are sealed with a level 10 security rating. I somehow think even you would struggle to get clearance, but just to answer you. I'm all natural, but he doesn't know that." She now looked Estella in the eyes, "And before you ask, I have kissed a girl. And it did go further, but she left me for a Bajoran female. So now I stick to the lesser species, their easier to control". She blurted out laughing and blew the Doctor a kiss, "You're safe Doc, and so's your girlfriend. I hope it works out".

Estelle laughed. "Did I look worried?" But there was truth to her statement. Estelle wasn't exactly easy to control, and it was mostly that her good-natured sense of humour wasn't paired with a mean streak that she hadn't landed in some seriously hot water yet. "But with your records sealed", Estelle said, now dispensing with the jocular attitude and turning serious for a moment, "how can we be sure that you're getting the best possible treatment, if something goes wrong? I'm not asking out of curiosity. I'm just wondering how best to guarantee your safety."

Shaking her head Lia replied, "Just think tomatoes, anything to do with them. I'm allergic to them in all their forms, if that happens my records would be released to impart the relevant information". She placed her hand on Estelle's, "And yeah, you looked worried. Guess you're serious about the girl, she's a lucky person". Sitting back up, she watched for any reaction. "So Doc, anything else you need? I've got an away mission to get ready for. Not that I'm looking forward to it."

Estelle smiled. Yes, she was serious. She didn't think she'd actually looked worried. She was confident enough not to expect Liorga to be 'shopping around' at this stage. "Are you feeling up to it? I know that there are a lot of things security will have to be doing. I'll be down there helping out in their field hospital myself. But no-one will think less of you should you decided that you're not fully healed up yet and would prefer to delegate from here. Medical will back you all the way, if you do."

"Hey, it's lead from the front here in Security. So if I don't go, I can't expect others to do what I ask them to do". She didn't say order them, as Lia had learned in her years of Intelligence work ordering people could end up not getting things done. "But thanks for the escape clause, I might even call on you down there". She gave the Doctor another look over, "I can see what your friend sees in you, you look good Doc. Now sorry to seem ungreatful, but I got things to do".

The doctor wondered, was she flirting with her? She decided to take the compliment for what it was. "Thank you." She stood. "And please, by all means. If there's even mild discomfort, you can find me in the field hospital, or Sthilg up here. We've always got time for our own." She waved as she made for the door. "But if you come from the ship, bring real coffee. Their replicators won't make any of the good stuff, I'm afraid." It was a joke, though true all the same.

Casting a quick look at her shelf, Lia held up her hand. "Here Doc, catch". She threw a glass jar of coffee towards Estelle, "Just add hot water and drink, oh get me. Giving a Medic instructions". She started to giggle, "If I need you, I'll call. Just tell your other half, it's a professional call."

Estelle almost fell on her face as she tried to catch the glass of instant coffee. She managed, though. It was a nice gesture, too, but she didn't see the point. Instant coffee was no better than replicated, in her point of view. But she was certainly not going to argue with someone who was being nice to her. "Thank you, Lia." Chuckling to herself, she left the room.

Commander Lia Holmes
Chief of Security/Tactical Officer
USS Elysium

Estelle Hertz


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