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Lets try this again.

Posted on Sun Jan 6th, 2019 @ 11:13am by Lieutenant JG Orin Sempton & Captain Phoenix Lalor

Mission: Season 2: Episode 3: Determination is not always a good thing
Location: USS Elysium
Timeline: Before Departure

Here we are again. Orin thought.

Another ship. Another captain. Another crew to get to know, or not depending on how this meeting went. This would be his fourth transfer in a handful of years, not counting the time he was stranded on that Bliss planet, and he had no illusions that this would go well. It had been obvious to him that Personnel was treating him like a bad omen. A walking bad penny. To be fair, he was starting to feel that way.

He reached for the chime to the Captain's office and pulled it back just as quickly. No. He thought. If he was going to do this, he needed to clear his mind. Searching for a problem or a poor outcome would only ensure he would find one. With a few quick breaths, Orin cleared his thoughts, and pressed the door chime.

A soft voice called out. "Come!" From inside as the door slid open to reveal the ready room.

Captain Phoenix Lalor was standing at the window when he entered. She turned as he did so. "Lieutenant?" She queried.

Orin stood at attention. "M-Ma'am, Ensig-" He cut himself off quickly and continued, absentmindedly touching the second pip on his neck with a thumb "Lieutenant, Junior Grade Orin Sempton reporting for duty as the ships new Xenoarchaeologist." He held the PaDD with his orders out to her with his other hand, trying to calm the slight tremor from being visible.

Phoenix noted the tremor but didn't comment on it. "Ah another person for Lieutenant Au Vantar's department. At ease Lieutenant. Welcome to the USS Elysium." She took the PADD. "I am sure you will enjoy your time here. We are a very friendly group."

"I-I'm sure Captain..." He remarked. "I mean..." He reddened slightly. "I hope I do. It's been a long road."

Phoenix smiled. "Your commanding Officer will be Lieutenant Salannis an Vantar. She is exacting but fair. She maybe a little scary at first just ignore it. She likes to make out she is a mean person, when she is not."

Well that's in interesting assessment. Orin thought. "Thank you for the warning, Ma'am. I will check in with her right away, followed by making sure my equipment has been brought safely aboard to the Archaeo lab." He shifted uncomfortably thinking about the crates. "Some of it is rather personal and a bit... Well, temperamental."

"I am sure our facilities will be suffice to manage it, just as long as it is not going to blow up my ship Lieutenant" Phoenix replied

Orin held up his hands and rapidly moved them in a warding gesture. "Nononononono, oh God no, nothing like that." He stammered, horrified. "Nothing explosive or volatile. Just highly refined crystalline matrices, modified sensor units and a three-dimensional imager akin to side-scan sonar. I want to preserve any finds, not obliterate them."

Nodding Phoenix smiled. "Good then I suggest you go find Lieutenant Salannis an Vantar. She should be in a lab somewhere."

"Yes Ma'am, I will do that now." Orin nodded and exited as fast as his legs would carry him. When the doors closed, he took a few slow breaths to slow his ever rapid heart rate. Well, He thought That went better than expected. As he turned down the corridor and made his way to the turbolift, he couldn't help wondering if things would, for once, actually go right. "Famous last words..." He muttered as the lift doors opened, and he stepped in.

Captain Phoenix Lalor
Commanding officer of the USS Elysium

Lieutenant JG Orin Sempton
Xenoarchaeologist - USS Elysium


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