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Mistakes in the Making

Posted on Wed Dec 5th, 2018 @ 2:51pm by Lieutenant Commander Anje Brett & Petty Officer 1st Class Fernando De La Rosa

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Elysium Corridors

Anje was just leaving her quarters, not sure what she was going to do, but knowing she needed to get out of her quarters. She'd never been restricted to her room, but she figured this is what it must be like, she'd have to ask her brothers about it later, "Those two were constantly in trouble." She remembered aloud, giggling as she did.

Fernando was bebopping down the hall. Fernando didn't just march to his own drum, he was the whole parade! Nonetheless he almost ran into the slower person in front of him. "Oops! Excuse me ." Then pulled up short and gave the person the once over. A smile graced his face as he recognized her. "Anje! Um, I mean Lieutenant Brett, this is a surprise, a very pleasant surprise!"

"Oh, hi, Fernando." Anje laughed nervously, "Where are you heading?" ~Maybe he knows where there's something to do...~

Fernando beamed at her, he looked around and then leaned close to her, "I was thinking of heading to holodeck, then back to my quarters." He leaned close to her again, "I have some real liquor." He whispered.

"Well, I guess a drink or two couldn't hurt." Anje shrugged, "Let's go!"

Fernando smiled and nodded his head rapidly. "Why Senorita, you are so right what could it hurt? Come and let us share a drink or two...."

"Lead the way." Anje replied, excited to have something, anything to do, ~Hope he's got good tastes in liquor. If he serves inferior Vodka to a Russian it's going to be sad...~

Fernando smiled, showing a mouthful of perfect white teeth. "That's the spirit!" He exclaimed then as if reading her thoughts he continued, "Do not fear. Fernando has excellent liquor." He smacked his lips. "Bueno."

"I never doubted it, not from a renaissance man like yourself." Anje smiled, "So, let's not waste any more time. The night is young and I've been promised good drinks and a good time."

Fernando nodded and puffed his chest out, "Gracious,You are very kind. Fernando always delivers on his promises. I guarantee you will find no fault with my liquor and as for a good time you can count on it."

"Less talk, more action." Anje joked, uncharacteristically bold, ~Where the Hell did that come from?~ She wondered, it didn't seem like something she would say, but there it was and clearly Fernando hadn't said it to himself.

Fernando's smile grew broader. "Of course Lieutenant, I mean Anje. Your wish is my command. Um, here we are." he said as they reached his quarters. He stepped to the side and bowed, throwing his arm out in a sweeping gesture. "Ladies first.''

Anje stepped in as offered and began to scan the place, it was nicer than she'd expected, ~What were you expecting, Anje? A college frat house or something?~ She asked herself, thinking for a minute before returning a resounding, ~YES!~ "Well, this is very nice, Fernando. I like what you've done with the place." She began, "Tell me, do you have a roommate?"

Fernando followed her into his quarters. "You are most kind Anje." He replied though he was obviously pleased. He shook his head from side to side. "No, I am most fortunate. I have no roommate. The quarters are all ours." He walked over to a small bookcase only this bookcase didn't hold books but bottles of liquor.

Anje gave Fernando's selection the once over, it was, as he'd said, very good stuff, "Well, well, the menu certainly lives up to it's billing." She said approvingly, "So, where do we start?"

He nodded, "I think you look like a vodka lady so...…." He pulled a bottle out. "How about some Gray Goose to get us started? Unless you prefer something else."

"As every good Russian is." Anje smirked, "I think this is a good way to start off."

"Quite right." He agreed as he brought forth two glasses. How about some music, to set the tone?'' He suggested as he poured some vodka into both glasses. "Computer play Ravel's Bolero." Soon the soft rhythmic music filled his quarters. He handed her a glass, "To you Anje."

"And to you." Anje replied, stopping him before he drank, "We should take the first drink Russian style, no?" She wrapped her arm through his before putting the glass to her lips, "Just like we do it in Mother Russia." She smiled, tilting her glass back and draining the contents, never breaking eye contact with Fernando.

"An excellent idea! Such a smart lady. It is why you are an officer. We do the same in Spain." Fernando agreed as he lifted his glass and downed it in one gulp as he maintained eye contact with Anje. When he had finished he smiled as he gestured to the bottle, "Another?"

"In vodka another is a question that goes without need of asking to a Russian." Anje laughed, "The answer is always yes. Or da, if you prefer it in authentic language. So, if the question is another, tovarich, the answer is da."

"Bueno." Fernando answered as he poured them both another drink. "I like the way you think Anje Brett. Command thinking I believe is what they call it." He handed her a glass. "Mi amigo " he said as he raised his glass in a toast.

Anje touched her glass to Fernando's and smiled, draining it quickly, "This is quite literally the best non-Russian vodka they make." She complimented, "Though, one day before too long I'll get my mother to send me a couple of bottles of the real Russian stuff, and then I'll treat you to the ultimate Vodka experience, Senor de la Rosa. Once you go Russian, you never go back."

"I look forward to that day and the treat as well as the experience of real Russian vodka. As for going Russian my Russian Rose the same is said about Spaniards Senorita Brett. Especially Fernando." He finished with a smirk.

Anje giggled, "If there's one thing we Russians admire, it's confidence." She then pointed to the bottle, "And another is Vodka."

"Smart people, those Russians." Fernando agreed. "Spaniards admire and cultivate beauty in all it's forms especially a beautiful woman such as yourself. You are a treasure to be admired and loved." He finished as he poured them both another glass.

''A treasure?" Anje said with a warm smile and a slight laugh, "I could point you to many people who would beg to differ, but thank you." ~If he told Cheline I was a treasure she'd probably tell him to bury me...~ She thought, slugging down her drink. She knew she should probably slow down, but for some reason this was the first time she'd felt completely at ease since she'd gotten here and she didn't want that feeling to end.

"Absolutely." He answered with sincere conviction. "Any who say different are fools and you would do well to not associate with them. For they don't see the special woman you are." He took her hand gently and led her to the couch, where they could be more comfortable. In his other hand he had brought the bottle, he couldn't forget that. He kissed her hand, "You are a treasure, never think otherwise."

~This guy is like something out of another century.~ Anje thought, ~That's nice, though.~ "Well, I guess it's their right to be wrong, huh?" She made herself comfortable on his couch, even though the little voice in her head was screaming at her not to; the vodka, however, was screaming over the little voice, drowning it out.

"Not just this night my Russian beauty but for all nights." He whispered as he poured them both another glass. He smiled brilliantly at her, he wasn't lying she was beautiful. Part of the 'Full Fernando' was that he just didn't praise a woman he drowned them in praise. he wanted them to feel about themselves as he did about them. He reached a hand out and gently caressed her cheek, her skin so soft and smooth. "Beautiful." He murmured . "Such exquisite beauty."

She wasn't sure if he was that smooth or she was getting that drunk, but she was definitely eating up what he was serving. She sipped on her newly refilled drink, wondering what was coming next, "You certainly know how to talk to a woman." She praised, still not sure if that was right or not, ~Whatever. It works.~

"It is easy when the woman is as beautiful as you are Anje." He answered smoothly and with conviction. "I believe the poet who wrote she has the face to launch a thousand ships, was thinking of you. Your beauty, charm and grace are a delight to see and to be in your presence is a rare treat."

~THAT might have been a little much.~ Anje though, draining her glass, ~Not gonna stop him or anything, but still...~ Suddenly it was hot in that room, so Anje unbuttoned the first two buttons on her top; what harm could it do?

Fernando's eyes drifted briefly to her top specifically the two buttons Anje had undone before they returned to her face. "You are a remarkable woman. Smart, an officer and a eternal beauty. A wonderous combination. You must have many male admirers."

"Nope." Anje shook her head, "None. Ever." She normally wouldn't have given up that information, but for some reason she didn't care anymore; and maybe there had been, but they'd been pretty damn quiet if they did exist.

"WHAT????" Fernando was stunned by Anje's revelation. "I find that hard to believe, were they blind? Your beauty is there for all to see." He stroked her hand. "I'm sorry you didn't have anyone to treat you like the lady you are."

"Oh, I never said I was lonely." Anje shrugged, forcing the memory of Cheline out of her mind, "Just no men."

"Ahhhh." Fernando replied in understanding, "I never said you were lonely either Senorita." He countered. "Perhaps what you need is a man to show you what a treasure you are."

"You talk a good game at least." Anje raised an eyebrow, holding out her glass for another dose of liquid courage, "But does it translate into action? Like a strong drink, that question burns." ~Where the Hell is this coming from?~ Anje wondered, her subconscious screaming at her to button her shirt and get out of this man's quarters; she didn't.

Fernando poured her another glass, then setting the bottle down he looked at her. "I assure you Senorita, that Fernando can do more, much more than talk a good game. If it is indeed action you long for than Fernando can accommodate you. The question that remains are you willing for such a romantic encounter."

Anje downed the drink, her sixth... or maybe seventh? quickly, and smiled at Fernando, leaning back and smirking sexily, at least she thought sexily, she was really iffy about that, especially when she was drinking, "Seems I am." She replied, not sure why she was saying it, but not at all taking it back.

"Ah, Bueno." Fernando replied happily. As he leaned forward and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek as he scooped her into his arms. "This conversation needs a change of scenery." As he carried her into the bedroom and gently laid her down on his bed. He sat down next to her. "This is much better no?"

"Only one way to find out..." Anje teased, as the little voice in her head screamed 'Who said that?'

"Outstanding." He purred as he reached to undo the remaining buttons of her top. "Do you mind?"

"In for a penny, right?" Anje giggled, the strong liquor was getting to her like it never had before; it had been a long time since she had drank, especially this much.

"I like the way you think." Fernando oozed softly as he unbuttoned the remaining buttons and opened her shirt. "Magnificent." He whispered. He would show this poor, deprived woman the joy and grandeur of what a romantic encounter with him was like.

"Oh, yeah?" Anje replied, knowing but not caring that she was drunk, "Show me."

"Your wish is my command." Fernando replied readily. As he deftly reached up and unhooked Anje's bra then let it fall free. He smiled at her. "Any other tasks for me?" He asked with a grin.

"I'm a girl who never leaves a movie before the end." Anje flirted, "So finish what you start."

"Si, Bueno. I mean yes." Fernando replied with a smile as he leaned in to her to carry out her command.

*Fade to Black*


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