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I Hope She Dies

Posted on Tue Jul 10th, 2018 @ 6:18am by Captain Phoenix Lalor & Master Chief Petty Officer Ken Waters

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: TBD
Timeline: MD 0


Phoenix retreated to her temporay cabin after the docking process was completed. She knew Miran was off with friends at Study group so she had the cabin to herself. Sitting on the window seat she studied the view she had of the station and far flung ships. DS9 seemed like a peaceful place.

The door chimed.

"Come," she called as she turned for the door.

The doors slid open to reveal Ken Waters. But something was off. He was staring down at his boots, one hand braced against the door frame to Phoenix's cabin. "I heard you met my counterpart before we left," he said. He sighed, chewing the inside of his lip a moment before looking up at her. "I suppose he told you all about how the two of us patched things up. The other versions of us, I mean."

"Yes" She replied shortly. "I spoke with him. It was interesting. But seemed to me to be a life's too short thing."

Ken held her eyes. "Maybe there's something to that," he said. He swallowed. "Can we talk?"

She crossed her arms. "Sure, what else would you like to say to me? Would you like to throw more stones?"

He breathed a heavy sigh. "No. No more stones." He shook his head, despite himself. His frustration was evident. "After our last...discussion...I said something I shouldn't have. Honestly, I don't even know why I'm telling you this." He sighed again, willing the next words to come. "Off-hand, I made a remark. Out of anger. I said that I hoped you would just die. I know. I know. It's horrible. It was stupid. I was pissed and trying to vent some anger. Then we found that planet and in that reality..."

"I died. I died while on a nature hike when a bush fire struck," At his look she added. "Liam told me. He wanted me to know that I had died doing something heroic." She shrugged. "Don't see what is so heroic in sending children on ahead in a bush fire."

"But that's exactly it, Phoenix," Ken insisted. "I thought that you were living a life that was too dangerous for me to handle. I thought that your position as captain made it all but certain that you'd be killed someday and I'd have to face losing you. And, instead, you died on a simple nature hike." He reached out and took her hands in his own. "There's no guarantees in this life. Any one of us could die today, or tomorrow; or maybe we'll even live forever. I have absolutely no control over any of it. I get that now."

Phoenix looked down at their joined hands and bit her lower lip. "So now that you get it, what is it you want?"

“I want to say that I’m sorry. I want — I want a second chance.” He dared a teasing smile. “Or a third. What number are we up to now?”

Phoenix looked up at him. Her face was normally hard to read but now it showed a range of emotion. Anger, hurt, and a mix of hope and an emotion she had hidden in the past 2 months... love. "I've lost count. " she said softly. "But... I am not sure I can go through this crap again. If we do take another chance and it ends then that is it."

Ken couldn’t keep the relieved smile from his lips. “This time I promise to learn my lessons.”

"Uh huh." She smiled back. She knew better than to think everything would be always happiness and light. They would surely fight again, but maybe next time they would talk it out before throwing in the towel. "And I promise no more flirting with my friends husbands on open comms." She gave him an impish smile.

His smile cracked wide and he pointed a finger at her. "I knew it!" he laughed.

"You were turning green. You almost crashed the Elysium" she said with a smirk. "I could have done more you know. to make you squirm."

He saw the mischief in her eyes. "Speaking of which," he said, "I can't imagine Miran is going to be too thrilled with attempt number 3. She had some pretty strong words for me last time..."

"I'll talk with her." Phoenix promised. "She Will be fine."

"Let me," Ken countered. "I think she's going to want to hear an apology. I certainly owe her one."

"Before or after you called Liselle to sort her out?" Phoenix smiled.

Ken winced as the realities of that particular conversation struck him. "I was thinking maybe that one could be handled by...." He sheepishly pointed to Phoenix.

"Ah yeah no. I told her we broke up. You get to tell her that has changed." Phoenix crossed her arms and shook her head.

"Maybe...this whole getting back together thing wasn't such a good idea after all..." He held up both hands in front of him. "I'm kidding! I'm kidding! Alright. Miran first. Qwyyn second."

"You will live you know." She patted his arm

"So," he ventured, "I don't suppose you'd be interested in getting something to eat? I hear there are some pretty 'interesting' places on the station. I'm just dying to hear all about this friend's husband who, by the way, clearly has the hots for you."

She laughed "He could have acted on stage." She got out between giggles. "I called in a favour before the rendezvous and he agreed."

Ken bit his lip, mumbling to himself. "I'll be sure to return the favor to him someday."

The End


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