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Sneaky surprise

Posted on Thu Nov 1st, 2018 @ 8:49am by Commander Aurelia Holmes & Captain Phoenix Lalor

Mission: Season 2: Episode 3: Determination is not always a good thing
Location: Captains ready room
Timeline: Just prior to departure


Phoenix stepped into her ready room, summoned by Avalon. She paused as the doors slid shut behind her, and the lighting in the room showed that there was someone waiting there.

The officer's blonde hair glinted and the yellow collar showed the rank pips of a full commander.

Phoenix let her lips curve. "So much for permanent Medical leave Commander."

Lia stepped forward, "Seems my condition needed a certain Doctor Bashir, and his weird outlook". She held out her hand, "I guess my old job has been reassigned, so you don't happen to have a position for a Commander do you?" She knew asking Phoenix straight out like this wasn't a bright thing to do, but she wanted back and if she had to resign her commission to do it she would. "I'll be a ordinary crewman if you want, just don't assign me to Gary's duty shift". She now handed a box to Phoenix, "Star Fleet Intelligence left this with me, said I had to deliver it to you. Don't ask me what it is, because I don't know".

Phoenix placed it on the desk. And then she smiled. "Well we did give away your second officer spot. But your chief spot is still open. If you want it."

"Don't tell me Liselle finally got her wish, I'm glad she got it. That girl won't let you down you know, but as for my Chief spot". Lia turned and looked out of the window, "I'll take it, but you need to know that I'm part of section 12. Now don't go getting all worried, section 12 is only for Security Officers. Its Star Fleets latest idea to connect the Intelligence section with the ships, but none of us come under Star Fleet Intelligence. We remain as fully paid up members of the ships crew, under the Command of the ships Captain". She turned and looked straight at Phoenix, "There's no way in hell I would ever betray this ship or you, and you have my word on that".

"Lia, you have been on this ship since I took command. I know you would never betray this ship or me." Phoenix assured her honestly. Then she paused and a slow smile crossed her lips. "So are you up for a small prank on Gary and Liselle?"

Cocking her head to one side, Lia began to grin from ear to ear. "Oh you better believe it, now what do you have in mind?" She knew she would miss not being part of the Command staff, the only plus point being she was back on the Elysium. Phoenix had restored her to Chief Security/Tactical Officer, as for not being Second Officer that was the price she paid for it.

Smiling Phoenix sat down in the chair beside her, not behind the desk. "Good. Now here is what I suggest. We are due to depart at 05h00. You can hide in here until just before we leave and I will go out onto the bridge, and I will have Avalon give you the signal of when to come out and take your position. Something along the lines of 'Well we are just awaiting our Security Chief to get here....' How does that sound?"

Lia nodded, "Sounds ok to me, I'll stop in front of you and ask to take post after reporting for duty. You never know, I just might get it right this time". This was a nod to her first time of reporting, when she managed to insult Phoenix by doubting she was indeed the Captain.

Grinning, Phoenix nodded. "Or you can just walk to the post and say 'Security/Tactical stations report ready' or something to that effect. The less fuss we make, the more shocked they will be."

"I somehow think your First Officer might have something to say, but we may have to re-assure Liselle. With my return she might think she'll be removed from Second Officer, and I'm not going to let her think that". Lia had always liked Liselle, and considered her a close friend.

Phoenix nodded. "Do not worry I will handle both of them." She smiled. "And I will assure Liselle. Once you are at station I will announce to the whole crew your return to the Ship and your post."

Moving towards Phoenix, Lia smiled. "Are you sure you want me back? After all the trouble I caused when I first arrived, I seem to attract it you know". She took a deep breath, "Who would think that one earth month could last so long, Bashir said I was lucky. If I hadn't left the ship when I did, I wouldn't be here now. The next time you want to play pirate Captain, can you please leave me out of it?"

"Oh do not worry I wont be doing that again. I took great pleasure in yelling at the Commodores about the clusterfuck of a mission they sent us on. " she paused. " Now I will have Avalon beam you to your quarters and she will beam you here in the morning. Sound good?"

Lia nodded, "Sounds like a plan to me, but what's going to stop a certain First Officer from poking his nose into the transporter records? He does get bored and when he does he goes looking for something to do". She knew Gary's habits, it would only take one crew member to say that a female Commander came on board and didn't leave. That would set him off, he would want to know just who that Officer was. And since Lia was on DS9, he could end up putting 2+2 together.

Phoenix smiled. "Avalon!" She called.

The AI appeared.

"You heard?"Phoenix said to the AI.

"Yes. Commander Taylor willl find those logs and any information pertaining to the person who came aboard blocked and sealed until after your surprise. And as no one saw you arrive Commander, we only need to block him for another 10 hours or so." The AI said calmly

"Thank you Avalon", Lia said. She again looked outside into the darkness of space, "I thought I wouldn't miss this ship and crew, but after about a week all I wanted was back on board". She looked around the ready room, "Guess you could say Elysium has caught me good, but next time something happens. I'm gonna fight a lot harder to stay". Lia glanced at the AI, "Send me to my quarters Avalon, good night Captain. And thanks for not giving up on me, it means a lot". As she faded her excitement at what lay ahead made her want to get started, but for the next 10 hours she wasn't even here.

"You are welcome. Go get your rest Lia. You are going to need it." Phoenix said and waved a hand to Avalon.

Avalon nodded and Lia was beamed away.


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