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Things to keep one up at night.

Posted on Tue May 29th, 2018 @ 6:01am by Lieutenant Commander Sthilg

Mission: Season 2: Mission 2: Just Breath
Location: Chief medical officers quarters.

The chief medical officers quarters were dark besides the light from the small candle that the big gorn was using to read with. As much as he'd tried to get to sleep he couldn’t.

It wasn’t the fact he’d been on his feet today or the night before hand seeing to the health of the crew. Many were suffering from sleep deprivation due to what they’d seen on the planet. The living mind wasn’t really built for seeing it’s own future staring at it even if it was a only possible future.
He knew what they were dealing with. He couldn’t sleep for the same reason.

Not what after he'd found on the planet.

He’d found it as they made there way back to the shuttles. His scanner had only picked it up as they past right by a large pond full of mud, metal and death.

Wading into it he starting feeling through the muck. His hands touching broken metal, glass, electronics, other remains until his hands found it. Gripping the objected he pulled it from the muck and brought it back into the light.

The familiar skull stared right at him with it’s black hollow eyes as he held his other self’s skull in his +own hand water and muck dripping from it.
Next from the muck had come his artificial arm nothing more than rusted broken electronic club. Next part of his leg and then nothing. This all that was left of his other self. All sunken and broken at the bottom of a muddy pool with nothing, but scrap of his old life for company.

As much as he tried the old lizard cound't get the blank empty sockets out of his sight. He'd left it buried in small grave near the crash site and travelled millions of light years away and it was still haunting him.

He thought he'd come to terms with his age and his eventual passing, but the sight of that skull terrifies him. He didn't want to die like that. Buried under a pile of wreckage all alone with no one even able to find his bones.

He closed the book. He needed to talk to someone about this. He knew the lack of sleep was getting to him. He’d book an appointment with the council as soon as he could. He couldn’t keep on working like this.

Drawing a padd form his pocket he taped in a reminder that he needed to book an appointment. As he slid it onto his deck he dropped onto his bed drawing a hypo spray with a mild sedative. He needed to get some sleep even if was due to a drug.

His white eyes closed as he felt it overcome him.
At least there would be no dreams.


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