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A whole new world

Posted on Sat May 23rd, 2020 @ 7:20am by Gunnery Sergeant Luke Wyatt & Abbey Wyatt

Mission: Season 3- Episode 4 - Cause and Effect
Location: Deck 32, Cabin 20 W-I
Timeline: MD6

Luke had been patrolling the decks of the Elysium for the last few hours, the sudden arrival into the void had everyone's emotions running high. He himself was used to things going wrong as often they did during the Dominion was especially in the beginning. The void however was something he had never thought he'd experience. He now found himself on his way back to his quarters to visit his daughter, Abbey. She was a tough cookie and had aspirations of joining Starfleet herself but even this had the most senior officer rattled.

Sitting in the middle of the room Abbey looked over the book she was reading, it was about flora and fauna and how they differed on different planets. She was a geek for anything scientific and her favorite was botany followed by physics. Her dad was a marine and had always been one but he was happy she was taking her own path. As if the mere thought of her father was enough to summon him the doors to their shared quarters opened and he walked in.

Slowly closing her book she raised herself up off the floor and smiled at the man who filled the doorway "How did the patrol go any news?"

"Same and None" He explained navigating the room until he was able to lean down and kiss her on the forehead, Abbey of course recoiled and wiped away the moment. Even though she was now 17 and almost ready for the academy she was still his little girl.

"Urgh, I think I'm going to ask to take on a civilian job something in the Arboretum I think, I'm bored and this... place its un-natural I don't know how you can act so casual." She walked over to the replicator and ordered two white-hot chocolates one with chocolate flakes sprinkled over the top. Watching the materialise she picked them up and passed her dad the one without flakes.

"Thanks" Luke raised the mug and sipped the warm drink, "And I do it so that others see that there is no need to panic, if we all ran around screaming we'd never get anything done. Someday..."

"Someday when you get your own command you'll understand," Abbey said in a low gruff voice somewhat mimicking her dads, "cheers dad, not like I've heard that one before" She teased rolling her eyes and moved to the bookcase in the corner off the room and placed the botany book in its place. "Are you finished for the night or do you have to go again? You're working later and later." Abbey was always the one to worry about her dad's mental and physical health, he'd run himself into the ground id she wasn't around to tell him to take a break.

Luke sipped his drink another time "Not tonight, I've walked this ship more times than I can count on two hands and even my old bones get tired. Did you want to watch a film or something, I can't remember the last time we spent longer than ten minutes together."

He was defiantly not feeling normal if he was suggesting to watch a film, "You're ill" She mocked moving to him and placing the back fo her hand against his head which was no short order as he easily had a foot on her. "Yep you're burning up looks like we'll have to amputate fetch me my bone saw."

"I'm glad you're going into science and not medical because I'd be concerned about the well being of your patients." He said tickling her under the ribs and laughed as she hopped away. "Well if a film isn't your fancy then why don't you tell me about your day." Luke moved to the chair and sat down stretching out his legs with a groan.

"Oh my day?" She put her finger to her mouth as if in deep thought "I fought off a Borg invasion, rescued a damsel in distress and discovered a new plant... Really how my day was? It was utterly boring that I considered joining you on one of your walks." Abbey enjoyed teasing her father it reminded her of times both her and her mother would gang up on him when she was younger.

"I think I preferred you the shy quiet ten years old you once were, what happened to her?" Luke said quickly finishing his hot chocolate and placing the mug on the table in front of him. "Well if you were so bored then you've tidied your room, Hmmm?"

"I did tidy my room actually... I just happened to have messed it up again." She said with a wide Cheshire grin before cupping her hand to her ear "Oh, bedtime? I think so too bye!" She quickly darted forward kissed the dad's cheek and retreated accepting defeat at risk of being told to tidy her room for the third day in a row.

Left suddenly to his own thoughts Luke leaned back into his chair, it was extremely difficult raising a child alone especially now a teen child but somehow he thought he was doing a good job. At least that's what people and Abbey told him but sometimes he thought she deserved more. Yawning Luke stood and took both hers and his own empty mug to the replicator to be recycled. "Night Abbey!" He shouted through to her open-door a muffled response indicating she was brushing her teeth. Happy with her response he proceeded to his own room and got into bed after having stripped and prepared himself for sleep.

Gunnery Sergeant Luke Wyatt (PNpc)
USS Elysium

Abbey Wyatt (PNpc)
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USS Elysium


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