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Medical Examinations

Posted on Fri May 22nd, 2020 @ 1:52am by Lieutenant Commander Sthilg & Ensign River Lokaa

Mission: MISSION 0 - History Speaks
Location: Primary Sickbay, Deck 7
Timeline: TBC


Frustrated at the sheer size of the ships medical department River finally found herself at the entrance of the primary sickbay having already visited the triage center, administrative office, medical library and the medical holodeck where it took her a several minutes to realise she was talking to holo-people.

"Hello, I'm here for initial assignment medical assessment!" She called out to the not so busy sickbay, in fact it was all but empty. She took the moment to check her reflection in one of the dormant consoles and straight her hair and gold headband. She looked as frustrated as she felt which wasn't a good thing, since her conversation with Commander Holmes she had paid particular interest in how she spoke to people.

The door to the chief MD's office slid open as the large reptile stuck his head out to see what the noise was. Where had the receptionist disappeared to? Noting the black-haired Elasian the lizard stepped out trying to put on his species best version of a smile. " Hello there. I'm lieutenant commander Sssthlig head of medical operationsss onboard the ssship how can i help you?" He said calmly.

Lately Rivers expectations seemed to be constantly lacking when it came to the real deal. The ship was way bigger than she expected and a Gorn way more... Gorn like? Pulling herself out gnher iwnard thinking she proceeded to answer his question. "I have just arrived from the Academy and was told to report to medical. Im Ensign Lokaa the new security officer"

" Well welcome to the Elysssium. If you jussst take a ssseat we'll get you ssseen to." he said indicating her to follow him to the biobeds. " how was the ride out to usss?" he asked politely.

Doing as he instructed River followed the doctor towards the bio beds before picking one out and sitting down. "It was pleasantly quiet, and gave me time to get incredibly nervous about my arrival and then talk myself down. If you had taken my heart rate then I think I'd have beed admitted into sickbay. " She joked, "Hows your day been?"

" A good day for sssickbay. Only a few people admitted for minor problemsss and a few pregnanciesss. Compared to sssome of the daysss we've had i'll take this any day." The gorn said giving a reptilian laugh to her joke. " Ssstill jussst lay ssstill and we'll get this over and done with. Hope you don't mind if it takesss a while. Been a bit sssince i've done a ssscan on a Elasssian. "

"Take all the time you need Doc." She said smiling before laying down on the biobed her arms rested entwined on her stomach. She was used to medical examinations by now and this would be no different. "I must ask as a duty of care to a certain portion of the crew but does the ship have the latest antidote for Elsaian tears developed by Starfleet Medical?" Though the effects of her tears would wear off, Starfleet had decided that it was better to have something on standby in case she didn't accidentally infect someone. River hated the word 'infect' it wasn't exactly a disease just a part of her anatomy.

" It came through just thisss morning along with the latessst medical data packet. I can have some replicated by lunchtime. " The gorn replied as his white eyes began to look over the date coming in. " Not that it would be a problem for me. Being cold-blooded does have it's advantagesss." He half jokily replied with a friendly grin on his reptilian face.

"That's good, at least all the humanoid men onboard can sleep soundly knowing that they won't be romantically enslaved to me forever." River joked from her laying position and staring up at the roof above her. "How am I looking Doc?" River didn't find the Gorn's examinations intrusive but none the less she was wanting to get out and explore the ship some more.

The gorn clicked his tounge against the side of his mouth as he watched the data coming through. " Everything ssseemsss to be in order. Vitamin c levelsss could be higher, but nothing that going to keep you from not working. "

River was pleased to hear the news. She'd just eat some more fruit, she always did like a kiwi smoothie. "That's good news, it would be a shame not to get straight to work because I was not physically fit." River rose from her laying position and stretched, her hands tracing her legs down towards her feet before a sudden bout of tiredness crept in and she yawned.

The gorn smiled as he handed her a date crystal with her copy of the data. " Well, your cleared fit for duty. I'll sssee you later ." he replied with a warm smile.

"Brilliant, thank you doc" She said taking the Data crystal from the horn medical officer. "Hopefully not in a medical emergency though" She added hoping of the chair and flashing a dainty smile at the man before taking her leave, she didn't want to spend any longer than needed to in medical.

" I hope ssso to." The gorn said giving a slight wave before turning and heading back into his office. There was still work to do.

Ensign River Lokaa
Security Officer
USS Elysium

Lieutenant Commander Sthilg
Chief Medical Officer
USS Elysium.


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