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New Quarters

Posted on Thu Nov 1st, 2018 @ 10:52am by Lieutenant JG Turak

As Turak unpacked his clothing and put it away in his new quarters, he decided to dictate his first personal log.

He started out, "computer, activate personal log for LTjg Turak." He went on, "today has been one of excitement, I left the Academy and my wife, Sarah, behind have begun my career. So far it is off to a good start, the crew seems welcoming and helpful, the quarters are very acceptable for a single person - not fancy but not sparse either. I think I'm going to like the Elysium and I feel that I chose the correct career path. However, I guess only time will tell. I will have to remember to write letters to Sarah as often as I can, it will be interesting to see where she is stationed when she graduates the Academy next year - it makes me wish that I could repeat my Senior year all over again just so I could go through it with her. Oh well, we knew what we were getting in to when we entered Star Fleet. Computer, end personal log."

As he turned it off, he decided that he should get some rest before the start of his first shift.

"Computer, lights out."


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