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Captain's Log

Posted on Sun Oct 14th, 2018 @ 7:16am by Captain Phoenix Lalor

Captain's Log - Missions End

[["Commence recording. The Elysium is back in our hands, and we have as requested by starfleet command, delivered the offer to Mr Cardoth and are now returning to DS9 with the Eclipse as back up. For once, the mission did not end in a fire fight. And the skills of my team were only used in taking back our home. I have logged a number of complaints about the mission to the powers that be but none have listened.

The crew will now get a week at DS9, for resupply and relaxation. Then, then we will be back out there. It will give all people time to get back on board as we left a fair about of crew behind when we took off to get our ship back. Crew and Family.

End log"]]


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