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New Start

Posted on Sun Aug 19th, 2018 @ 9:08am by Lieutenant JG Gallia Norris

=A=Begin Log=A=

So, I've finally reached my first assignment, well, sort of. I've reached the ship we're chasing my first assignment on, the Intrepid class USS Eclipse. What a pathetic bucket of bolts they've let this thing become! These ships are not that old, the class isn't even thirty yet, how can this one have fallen into such bad repair? But, soon we'll be back on our ship, the USS Elysium, the very first of it's class. Yeah, she's a big girl with a lot of fire power and one hell of an engine. That I can not wait for.

Not sure how it fell into the wrong hands though.... But, like Dad always said, that's not an engineering question. We'll let our phaser toters do the heavy lifting and then we'll fix whatever mess the other side made of our ship.

Tayalas is taking the whole thing in stride, guess because she's to young to understand what's going on. I wish I'd had someone to leave her with before we disembarked, but no such person exists anymore. And I bloody well wasn't about to leave her with the Cardilles; they'd vanish with her in an instant and I'd never see my niece... daughter... I'd never see Tayalas again.

Still not sure what to call her. Daughter I guess, since there's little doubt that when she talks, she'll be calling me mama. If only she could've known her real mother. Miss you so much, Lana...

The bastard who killed her goes to trial soon, they're charging him with manslaughter and his snake of an attorney is tryin' to get that lowered to involuntary manslaughter. I guess since I was the one he was trying to kill he wants them to think Dolana's death was an accident or something. No way. My sister was murdered by the cheating piece of garbage she loved, and now he's going to get off easy because his parents could afford a real scumbag.

Guess what Grandpa MacGregor always said was true; God mad snakes before lawyers for one reason. Practice.

He can be out in under three years... Three years. How is that even right? I mean, is Dolana gonna dust herself off and return to us when he gets out? Of course not. Our system is all about the benefit of the criminal anymore, guess they think evil deserves a fair shake...

I put in about twelve hours at the gym with Senior Chief Pratt before departure, he's taught me so much. The next time the fight comes, nobody will have to get in front of anything for me, I'll be ready to handle anything thrown at me.

I'll be ready when he comes for Tayalas. I'll be ready when he comes for me.

No matter what happens, I'll always be ready now.

They're calling us to engineering, fortunately my roommate Alexis is going to take care of Tayalas for me, so that's one worry off my plate.

Transmit log to Anna Lyn Norris, Mars Colony.

=A=End Log=A=


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