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Just who Is he?

Posted on Mon May 20th, 2019 @ 2:38pm by Lieutenant Kara Hoffman

Computer, begin personal log entry for Kara Hoffman. Current time 1900 hours.

Today, was a strange day. I had an accident in Engineering, i reached up jus t a little too far, trying to seal a small conduit fracture, slipped and cracked my jaw something nasty as i hit the railing of the walkway, the railing I had been standing on. I should have listened when someone told me to use some steps. I hate being short sometimes.

I'd been thinking about it, ever since it happened. the commodore arriving, then our command team dissapearing. i jumped to the wrong conclusion, apparently.

However, being in the office with him I learned, commander Lovejoy had gotten into an argument with Liorga, asked a very personal question, in his stupid, arrogant and ice cold way no doubt. No fucking empathy or care. I sort of snapped. Computer set reminder: repair crew to buff out that bulkhead.

Nobody has brought me in to question me for my conduct yet. I doubt my outburst will be ignored. I'm actually rather surprised I'm not in the brig.

Who is he...

Just who the hell is he?!

Who are you commander Lovejoy. What is it that you do to me?! Why is it, you bring out everything I can usually control. What the hell is wrong with me?! Why do i even care! Gallia and Tayalas are the most important thing so, why do I feel... like this...

Damnit, just what the hell. I won't let Commander lovejoy talk to any of the crew, without my presence. He doesn't lack confidence. He... doesn't see the harm he can cause when he asks, in his mind, a simple question. His questions aren't meant to be personal, but he doesn't seem to understand that not many people think that way at all. Of course the natural outcome is he's seen as being some evil, emotionless heartless monster.

i'll have to do my best, to help him with that. It seems no-one has tried or succeeded in seeing the real Garrett, except for me. That's the brutal truth. Nobody knows him, as i know him. I've seen into his soul. I know he's just misunderstood, and needs a little bit of guidance, encouragement and support. He's a good guy, I can already tell underneath it all. His little heart is made of gold, really. That's what I believe.

I might even be so bold as to say, if I hadn't met and fallen in love with Gallia and Tay. It's possible that in some weird parallel world, we might have even made a good couple. What the hell am I even saying...ugh.

Computer, end log.


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