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Security Log

Posted on Sun May 12th, 2019 @ 1:27pm by Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris

After finishing his message to Alex Jason remembered he probably should do one for the department too. "Avalon, Security Log, Lieutenant Jason Morris acting Chief of Security, USS Elysium. With our command crew missing which includes all senior tactical officer above me I have taken command of the department. I have began looking through the personnel records for security to try and find who would be an asset should the worst come to pass."

He stopped for a second to collect his thoughts

"I am waiting impatiently to rescue the senior officers, my last two postings were comfortable for me and far away from a situation like this. I fear I may not make a good decision and get someone killed. I will not let the others know this and will continue to act in a way best fitting for my position."

Again he stopped to think of something

"Additional note, the majority of the security officers aboard are new to Starfleet or at least this will be there first major test under fire so to speak that I can tell. I truly hope we are all up for it. End Security Log." Jason leaned back and put the PADD he had been holding down. Crossing his arms over his chest he hoped no-one could see through his false confidence.


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