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"Mr...ahem...Commander Lovejoy"

Posted on Sat Apr 20th, 2019 @ 1:31am by Lieutenant Kara Hoffman

Computer begin C.E.O'S log.

I am writing this, just five minutes before i go back out into the foray. I just had a very very interesting chat with Commander Lovejoy. I found out, that actually. He's not all that bad. He might come across as hard as a rock on the outside, but really he's a nice guy. i trust him. The commodore however, she's probably the same. Stoic and hard, but inside doesn't really want trouble. I have promised Commander Lovejoy to make this inspection easy, he promised me to take things in a more relaxed stance when dealing with my engineering team, whom I love dearly, I'd protect them all with my life without hesitation.

There is something though, i can't help but feel like the crew's animosity is unjust. They don't even know the commodore, or her aides. No one has even tried to get to know them, probably too afraid too. I will endeavour to reach out, and be the link, even if I am the only link, between the entire ship and the visiting commodore and her aides.

I trust them, they mean us no Ill intent. I just need to get the rest of the crew to see that....Somehow. Computer End log.


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