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CEO's Personal log 11/03/2396

Posted on Mon Mar 11th, 2019 @ 9:02pm by Lieutenant Kara Hoffman

Kara slid her hairpin from her hair, as it all fell down in a mass onto her shoulders. With a sigh and reached for her glass of Brandy with lime and took a sip. "Computer begin personal log, Lieutenant Kara Hoffman. Note date and time please."

The computer signalled it was ready to record.

"Today has been one hell of a day. I had a challenging day in Engineering, preparing the ship to dock with DS9 and working on my warp core upgrade blueprints. However that's nothing compared to what i've just learned about myself. I went to see the Doc down in sickbay, as commander Taylor recommended. After a few scans, the doc showed me, with my own two eyes that I've been surgically altered. It seems that this K'leela might actually be telling the truth, that I was originally born on Qo'noS and that I'm actually half Klingon afterall. I have no doubts that K'leela will find me on DS9. As far as I'm aware, their bird of prey has been following the Elysium, but to what end i'm unsure. I have to wonder just what the hell is going on, what a total mess. Plus I have to tell Gallia."

Kara took another sip of her Brandy. "All i can do, i suppose is just be patient, and find out where this all leads. I hope Gallia will understand. Computer, end log and save."


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