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Home at Last

Posted on Fri Mar 1st, 2019 @ 11:30am by Chief Petty Officer Liorga

I finally made it back to the camp, to Estelle... Never thought I'd see this place, or worse yet, her again. I'm taking a moment to record this while Estelle sees a patient, just in case things go South on us when we go back to rescue Dunphy's other hostages.

I'll never refer to them as his women again, they really are just more hostages. The worst part is, they're in danger. Those girls are in danger, and, in all likelihood, Syren is already dead. I've got a feeling Mr. Dunphy doesn't take well to betrayals. I don't know how I'm going to live with her dying to save my life, especially if any more of the girls die, but I'm going back with help, like I promised. And I'm going to investigate Dunphy's weapons, like I promised.

It didn't take me long to conclude that he's got a source inside Starfleet, a source with connections to other powers, more than some mere black market gun runner. That Cardie gun drone we dealt with, that's not something you buy in a back alley, that's still pretty advanced tech.

There's a high percentage chance that this won't end well...

So, with that in mind, please consider this my last will and testament.

I, Liorga, being of sound mind and body, do bequeath the following items to the loved ones listed in the event of my death.

To retired Lieutenant Jason Driver, the only father I ever knew: Dad, where do I even begin, huh? You not only helped give me my life back when you rescued me, you gave me a home and a family after, more than that you gave me purpose and a chance at a better future. To you I leave the shuttle I purchased from the guy at Luna Colony. Yes, the one you said I'd never get off of the ground. Admittedly, it's not been easy, especially not having had the time to work on it that I would like, but it's been a labor of love and I put a lot of myself in it. Maybe you can sit there and feel me there. I love you, Dad.

To Lieutenant Gallia Norris: What to leave you? I mean, you clearly need something, but I'm not sure a harness would be an appropriate gift from me. So, in honor of how we first met, I'm leaving you my best fire proof gloves, please use them!

To Sami Justice: It's been quite a ride, kid. I knew when we met you were a talent for the ages, not to mention a heart as big as Andromeda and twice as kind. Somebody will notice you one day soon and trip over themselves to get to you. To help that I'm leaving you my entire collection of jeweled headbands, may they bring you the attention you desire. And, hey, you don't even have to wash them, dandruff, not a thing for Deltans.

To Estelle Hertz, the love of my life: Wow, talk about your surprises, huh? Never saw you coming, not in a million years. Now, I want you in my life for a million years, then more. Of course, if you're hearing this, it means we ran out of time. I've not had the best life, personally or professionally, rode a lot of bad road, but having you in it for the last part has made all the bumps and bruises and bedlam worth it. Thank you. For loving me. For letting me love you. For being you. To you I leave me collection of books, they're mostly technical things and some novels and histories, but I know you'll make a place for them in your collection the way you made one for me in your life. Maybe once in a while you take one down and flip through it, know that I'm there with you. Anything else of mine left behind, that's yours too. The remains of my life should be with the woman who became the reason for my life.

So, I guess that's it. Now to go back into the breach, and, hopefully, come back and erase this damn thing. If not, just know how much I love you all.

-End Log


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