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The Ramblings of a Confused Commander

Posted on Fri Mar 1st, 2019 @ 1:21am by Commander Aurelia Holmes

Now back onboard after helping to rescue Liorga, Lia sits in her cabin and reflects. "Computer, start recording. So that went well, I started out to blow seven bells out of a large gun and ended up assisting Chief Liroga to escape. My bomb got used to destroy a drone, that went reasonably ok". She crossed to the replicator and got a Chocolate Milkshake, "Now I'm back on board keeping a low profile, as both the Captain and Gary will no doubt want to know everything. And right now I really don't feel like explaining myself to anyone, to much going on in my mind. Computer stop recording". She sat sipping her milkshake and staring out of the window, things were getting complicated. Gary wanted her to move in, oh he hadn't mentioned it directly but you could pick up little hints.

"Computer resume recording. I'm thinking about leaving the ship, not permanently but maybe for a month or two. Since my injury things have changed and I'm having problems fitting back in, I'm feeling left out. Now that Liselle is Second Officer, I don't seem to be as involved with the ship as I used to be. Oh I know I let Gary take the next step, and I feel just as in love with the old bugger as I did before the injury. But somethings missing, so I'm thinking of doing a short term deployment on another ship. Just to get my zing back, if that's possible". She moved over to her table and sat down staring at the wall, her mind swirling with thoughts, "Is this me just going back to my old self? Or am I looking for something that isn't there anymore? Was is ever there? Computer stop recording".

Lia sat and considered just what is was she wanted, she couldn't reach an answer. She went back and got another milkshake, anyone would think she was pregnant the way she was acting. "Computer resume. Maybe I should talk to a Councilor or something, or just one of the Doctors perhaps. I seem to be getting fatter, despite exercising whenever I can. But I haven't put on any weight, well not that much. Guess I'll just have to get used to being just the Chief of Security and Tactical, and bugger all else. Computer save and place in my personnel file". She now got up and undressed, maybe a sonic shower would make her feel better.


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