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one on one

Posted on Wed Jan 16th, 2019 @ 9:25am by Consul Toran - Son of Thopok House of Thopak

Ambassadors Personal log:

I for the first time in my life had to come to school to get Jera, and then take her sick bay...
Broken nose, this time not because she fell out of a tree, because she was stuck in the face by another student, who was taken to a separate sickbay to be treated for a pair of broken fingers. I understand that the altercation started to... A political discussion.

As a Ambassador I really don't know how to even consider this.
As a father of a Bajoran Teenager I'm only slightly worried, Bajorans being rather famous for heated debates. One of the reason I enjoy the world so much.
And as a Klingon, I'm... Pleased? I suppose, both because she did alright in a fight against a larger opponent, and because neither of the two was a totally innocent party. If one of them had simply attacked the other without the other fighting back I might have been more concerned.

The other child's parent. A botanist was concerned because her son had stuck a female... Which I understand is a major concern in some cultures, but I assured her that Jera was at the very least most likely responsible for more of the verbal wrong doing. But this is the Federation, and the first one to resort to violence is normally considered the culprit...

I'll gave a talk with her at our normal weekly holodeck time.


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