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Posted on Sun Jan 20th, 2019 @ 4:08pm by Lieutenant Gallia Norris

So here I am, sittin' around with a thumb in my bum waitin' for others to come rescue Liorga. This is utter crap! I mean, I can handle myself, don't let the fact I'm an engineer fool ya...

But, here I am, sittin' it out for reasons I can't fathom. We're waiting around like Liorga's got all the time in the world. I'm sittin' on my butt after they drew first blood on us and I'm angrier than I've ever been about anything not named Rico Cardille. We should be takin' it to these dirtbags!

But, I'm tryin' to maintain my calm because my best friend needs me right now, worse than she ever has. Saints... Imaginin' what she must be goin' through right now, her love out there somewhere, not knowin' when or if she'll ever see her again. If it was Kara, I'd be losin' my damn mind. No, I'd be out there huntin' the bastards down, which is what we should be doing right now.

But, Estelle isn't like me. Probably for the best in this case. Who knows what kinda mess we'd be in if our Chief Surgeon ran off into the night totin' a weapon and lookin' to spill blood?

I'm riggin' up something, a spy camera, we'll get 'em on video, that way even if they get away we can still hunt them down later. Least I get that solace.

Liorga was one of the first people I really got to work with here, one of the first I really got to know. Then about an hour later I met Estelle. Well, an hour and a fire later, anyway. The idea of losin' either of them, I can't stand it. Short of something happenin' to Tay or Kara or Charles I cannae imagine anything worse.

But, can't let myself think about the worst. More than that I won't. Liorga is coming home, I won't think anythin' different, won't let Estelle think it, either. Liorga is coming home. Alive, well, and safe.

Just drives me crazy to watch it from the bloody sidelines...

Computer, transmit log to Ana Lyn Norris, Utopia Planetia.



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