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Transferred again.

Posted on Sun Jan 6th, 2019 @ 3:50pm by Lieutenant JG Orin Sempton

"Computer, begin log entry."

Beep Beep, Log entry started. Say 'End log' when complete.

"It's Stardate... Wait, what day is it? Hold on it's WHAT!? Okay, so apparently I haven't slept in three days. That explains the stubble."

*sounds of water and splashing*

"Ugh, that feels a bit better. Where was I? Right, Log. It seems I've been transferred again. I have just received order from Starfleet Personnel to begin packing and join the USS Elysium. Elysium. Good name for a ship. Heaven. Pfft... Why? It's like calling a ship the Titanic, or Tartarus or Enterprise. You just know something's going to go wrong.

"Sigh. I'm twenty seven, and this will be my fourth ship. First the Renegade, and that damn planet. I still have nightmares of watching the doctor get pulled out of the shuttle as we free-fell towards the ground. Then the Seabase. Stars above, how does prioritizing newly found sentient life get one a demotion. Yes, I voluntarily disobeyed a direct order, but to kill a previously unknown species that didn't understand that their communication attempts were hurting us... The whole thing was asinine. At least a quarter of the base was ready to kill everyone due to psychotic break while an eighth were in a coma from cerebral edema. It was a miracle no one died, but I still stand by my decision to force evacuate the water supply. Yes, it crippled the base, for what? A week? But there were no deaths. And replicators were still online, so it wasn't like we were in danger of dying of thirst.

Argh. The whole thing still frustrates me. Then there was the Cassini. Oh where to start. The damnedable ships shakedown cruise and war games that went to hell. I'm still picking transparent aluminum out of boxes. At least I made a friend, who I will now have to leave. Thank the ever present stars for rapid communication, but I'm sad that we wont get a chance to fight on the Holodeck anymore. I'll have to program a likeness of her into my historic fight scenarios. It wont be the same, but it'll be nice. That is, if we're given free time in the Holodeck. I'd like to do the Battle of Cannae or Zama... Something I can lose myself in for a bit.

And now I'm transferring to a new ship. A new captain, a new chief. How will they treat me? Will the look at the demotion and just see that, or will they look beyond at the reasoning. Will I make new friends? I... I hope so. I don't think I can go back to being that person in the background again. It was nice having someone to talk to, to... To do things with.

"I guess we'll see how this all goes. Computer, end log."


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