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Interesting Place We Have Here...

Posted on Mon Nov 19th, 2018 @ 6:03am by Lieutenant Commander Anje Brett

Well, I've successfully survived my first social occasion here on the Elysium, a Halloween party. You'd think someone who spent the last year and change at an Embassy would have no problems at a Halloween party, but that's not the way. I mean, the Embassy gatherings are much more formal and rigid, dress uniforms and all that, but everybody knows what they're supposed to do and not do, it's on a rail, ergo easy. A party, however, anything goes, and therein lies the rub for someone not as socially skilled like myself.

What the Hell do you do? I mean, you're out there among total strangers for the most part, you're totally exposed, no protocols to guide your hand, nothing.

Cheline was always better at that.

Burned my hand curling my hair tonight before the party. Thank the maker for medkits. Managed not to burn my hair itself though, so that's a point in my favor.

*laughing* How bad is it that the fact I managed not to set my hair on fire qualifies for a gold star? You're pathetic, Brett...

Met some interesting people tonight, including the XO, but the most interesting, for better or worse, is a Petty Officer named Fernando De La Rosa. He's sort of a self annointed Don Juan and God's gift to the female of, I'm sure, every species. Massive ego, but not without his own charms and a carefully hidden inner sweetness.

Not exactly hard on the eyes, either.

I can hear Aunt Anje in my head, "You always did like the ones with the dark tans." Of course, she's right. I'm just terrible with them.

With everybody...

I know Cheline has moved on with her life, found a new girlfriend. Hell, they might be married by now. I still can barely fight the urge to try and call her, but I know it won't do any good. She's closed the book on me and threw it in the donation bin, and I need to accept that.

Just hard though...

Computer, end log. That's enough self torture for one night...


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