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Start Date Thu Jan 1st, 1970 @ 11:00am

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Title Timeline Location
"Looking in and reaching out"
by Lieutenant Tate Sullivan Ph.D. & Commander Gary Taylor
Immediately after the rescue of those in captivity with the Romulans Infirmary, USS Elysium
Mistaken Identity
by Ensign Lunara Hol & Crewman Samantha Justice
by Ensign Lunara Hol & Lieutenant JG Carter Smith
Directly after "below Decks" Holodeck
Bumping into someone
by Lieutenant JG Carter Smith & Petty Officer 2nd Class Kaywin-Li Fray
Deck 4, bar lounge
"Strong at the broken places"
by Lieutenant Tate Sullivan Ph.D. & Commander Aurelia Holmes
Some time after, "And then there were four" Sick Bay/Other Locations
Looking up at home from home
by Ensign S'hib
During R&R Earth, Southern England
Once more unto the breach...
by Ensign S'hib & Lieutenant JG Orin Sempton
MD1 DS9 - Quarks Bar
My Life is an Anime
by Commander Aurelia Holmes
Before Back to Work Lia's cabin
Empty lockers to fill with thoughts
by Ensign S'hib & Lieutenant Jason Morris & Lieutenant JG Turak
Security office
How to dance with a stick
by Ensign S'hib
In between shifts Holodeck 1
Food for thought
by Ensign S'hib & Lieutenant Danica Kovitz
DS9 during Hell is a four letter word Deck 2
by Captain Azhul Naxea
Azhul's Quarters; USS Elysium
Everything is ok
by Ensign S'hib
S'hibs Quarters
Marine meeting
by Captain Azhul Naxea & 1st Lieutenant James Edith
MD 15
Convoy of heartaches
by Commander Mishka Valdran
Dominion War Romulan Vessel Havraha
by Captain Phoenix Lalor
a few months ago. SB1
Meeting New People
by Captain Azhul Naxea & Lieutenant Gallia Norris
Just after Naxea comes aboard Gym
Healing & Contemplation
by 1st Lieutenant James Edith
Marine Outpost - Betazed
0-60 in 3.5 Seconds
by 1st Lieutenant James Edith
Planet Betazed
The Time Hero
by Lieutenant Kara Hoffman
4 Hours before Shuttle Departure USS Elysium - Holodeck
A small issue with the door
by Lieutenant Kara Hoffman & Ensign S'hib
During Shoreleave Deck 22 - Crew Quarters
On the nose: Part 2.
by Lieutenant Tate Sullivan Ph.D. & Avalon
Chief Counselors office.
Reporting aboard
by Commander Gary Taylor & Commander Aurelia Holmes & Lieutenant Jason Morris
Before Departure USS Tempest
CMO and Sullivan Chat
by Avalon & Lieutenant Commander Sthilg & Lieutenant Tate Sullivan Ph.D.
To the Counselor
by Avalon & Lieutenant Tate Sullivan Ph.D.
Counselor's Office

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