Season 3: Yes I am Crazy, normal is boring to me

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The Year is 2396

Group Post Count: 750

Included Missions

Mission 3: Masquerade

Post Count: 83

The USS Elysium is to escort Ambassador T'Prel To Vulcan. And it is urgent. The Elysium has been granted special permission to break normal warp speeds from Warp 6 to warp 8 to shorten the normally 5 day trip to three.

Episode 1: Hell is a four letter word

Post Count: 493

The Captain, First Officer, and other members of the Senior Staff go on a trip to Trill with bad consequences

Mission 4.A: "Return to Eden"

Post Count: 0

A distress call is received from the Federation Colony close to Rubicun III, several unknown vessels have attacked the cargo ships supplying both the colony and Edo close by. So far three have been destroyed and several others damaged. Mystery abounds

Episode 5 - Cause and Effect

Post Count: 0

The Elysium, en route to Starbase 365 is suddenly stopped with no reason.

They encounter someone determined to ruin their day.

Episode 5: The Acorosiel War

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The Elysium had been sent out past the known boarders of the Cardassian Union. After three weeks in Cardassian Space, they came to unexplored regions of space. Another 4 weeks at warp 5, put them at the edge of an G Class Solar system. There were 6 planets in it, but only one was habitable. Staying at the edge of the system, they were able to observe that the planet was surrounded by ships and two meteor belts.