Crew Awards

Joint Post Challenge Champion Joint Post Challenge Champion
Every year, Elysium will run a Joint post challenge for a month.

* A player must have 1 JP with each player in a one on One situation. Mass JP's do not count towards this.
* They have 1 month to get this done.

The winner gets a Shiny award for it!
Silver Book Silver Book
Replacing the Golden Scroll award, we are now having the Silver book award.

Is awarded monthly to the writer/s of posts that have been of quality and shows their characters and the story to the best advantage. NOT to be confused with the Library Excellence award from OF. This award is for Elysium players only. The posts have to be of good quality, with minimal grammar and spelling errors. They do not need to advance the overall plot and can be what are termed filler posts. They must however be over 500 words long if a solo post and over 1000 words if a joint post.
Post of The Year Post of The Year
As voted by the crew! The post that shaped the crew, the post that everyone said "OHH I LIKIE!" To be awarded yearly, nominations commence December.