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Lieutenant Tallia Strode

Name Tallia Roxette Strode MD

Position Surgeon

Second Position Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote Really?
Species Human (Indian)
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5-1
Weight 159
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Tallia is a pretty human female with a short, curvy physique. She wears her dark hair long and considers her eyes her best feature. She also has a hidden tattoo on the small of her back of a pink hummingbird.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Sanjay Strode
Mother Donna Lee Strode (Deceased)
Brother(s) Kevin Strode, MD 26

1st Lt. Dale Strode, SFMC Pilot 24
Sister(s) None biological
Other Family Jacob, Marianna, Morgan, Bo, Milla, and Anje Brett (basically adopted her when her mother passed and her father lost all motivation to continue.)

Capt. Tina Vincenzo, SFMC Intel

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tallia is a generally happy and charming young woman, though she does suffer from body issues, feeling she was always the ugly duckling in her group of friends. She's overcome a lot of setbacks, including the loss of her mother at eleven in a mystery that still remains unsolved, and has developed a strength of character and resolve from the belief that she's pretty much hit the nadir of her life already.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Brilliant Surgeon
+Excels Under Pressure (Professional)
+Likeable (It's come in handy many times for her)
+Total Confidence in Doctor Strode

-Low confidence in Tallia
-Lingering Self Doubts about everything but her medical skills
-Crumbles under pressure (Personal)
Ambitions Ummm, not really sure, maybe be Surgeon General? Or would it be Surgeon Admiral? It should be Surgeon Admiral...

Finally work up the guts to propose to Anje. Or at least ask her out. You know, whichever comes first...
Hobbies & Interests Tallia loves to read old adventure stories and scary stories, too. She also enjoys simulations of battles, it's a way for her to blow off steam.

Character Background

Personal History Tallia was born in late 2368 to Sanjay and Donna Lee Strode, a bright, beautiful baby girl for the couple who'd yet to see their first anniversary. Sanjay was a brilliant young doctor who'd somehow managed to charm his way into the life of Donna Lee, a newscaster and woman he considered far out of his league, a trait that would pass on to his daughter. Tallia was joined in rapid succession by two brothers: Kevin and Dale, the entirety of the Strode brood was separated by three years, such was Sanjay and Donna Lee's desire for a large family. Tallia's relationship with her mother was always very close, to the point where she'd turn off cartoons to watch the news so she could see "mommy's show."

At age six some new people moved in next door: The Bretts. The mom was a doctor like her dad and they had a daughter and two sons, all not far in age from her, but it was the daughter who she found herself bonded with. Within a month they were best friends, along with Maj. Vincenzo's daughter, Tina. The friendship continues to define the lives of all three women to this day.

At age eleven tragedy struck. Tallia was at Anje's house when she realized it was six o clock, and she immediately turned Anje's console on to the news, waiting for her mom to appear on screen. Her mom wasn't there, Holly Rolinger, the weekend girl, was and she announced that 'Donna Lee isn't in tonight.' Panicking, Tallia began calling her mother over and over, never receiving an answer. Her father called, said he was going to find her mother, and left her in the care of the Bretts. The next morning Sanjay came to claim his daughter and let her know they had found her mom's car, but not her. Her body was found four days later. At this point Sanjay stopped trying, becoming an alcoholic and eventually getting his medical license suspended for over a year.

This tragedy nearly destroyed Tallia, but she chose to refocus, vowing to never be like her father and to live a life that would make her mother proud. As such she enrolled at Starfleet Academy with her best friends and followed it with four years at Starfleet Medical, becoming one of the best neurosurgeons in the business.

She carries a lot inside of her, afraid to let it out, mainly her two most solid beliefs: She was meant to be with Anje Brett and that Holly Rolinger killed her mother. She's steadily working to prove both beliefs correct.
Service Record 2385-88: Starfleet Academy, Ensign on Graduation

2388-92: Starfleet Medical, places in Neurosurgery, Graduates Lieutenant

2392-95: Starfleet Medical, Earth, General Surgeon/Neurosurgeon

2395-Present: USS Elysium, Elysium Class, Surgeon
Languages Standard, Vulcan, Hindi, Russian
Academy Graduation Year 2388

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Tallia is in great shape, if slightly above her ideal weight.
Allergies/Health Issues None to report.
Counseling Review Serious body image issues and an almost obsessive crush on her best friend, otherwise fit for duty.