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Admiral S’Tokkr tr’Noramei

Name S’Tokkr tr’Noramei

Position Guest Star - Federation Ally

Rank Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Romulan
Age 56

Physical Appearance


Spouse Sofia Halina
Children 1. Jaeih t’Noramei (f)– Lost at birth. No one knows how she was lost.(29)
2. S'harien tr’Noramei (m) 25
3. Aidoann t’Noramei (m)19
4. Dhiemm tr’Noramei (m)19
5. Saeihr t’Noramei (f)15
6. Terrh tr’Noramei (f)13

Father Hanja tr’Noramei
Mother Jaeih t’Mandak-T’Noramei
Brother(s) Nuhir tr’Noramei
Sister(s) Taleirrh t’Noramei (d)
Other Family Too Many to count

Personality & Traits

Character Background

Medical and Psychological Information