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Lieutenant William Holt

Name William Holt

Position Matter/Energy Systems Specialist

Second Position Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote "I ain't the nice guy, I'm an engineer with attitude."
Species Male
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2''
Weight 195
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Amber
Physical Description William Holt is a tall, broad shouldered man with a strong jawline.


Father Harrington Holt
Mother kleomani Holt

Personality & Traits

General Overview William Holt is a bullish, strong-headed man, who truly believes everything he says is correct. He IS the center of this universe, Or so he believes. He outright refuses to comply with typical Standards of moral conduct, however he toes the line when necessary to avoid dismissal from the Elysium. An expert Liar, manipulator and saboteur. He takes the greatest of pleasures in sabotaging equipment, relationships and friendships just to watch people squirm. He is literally the definition of a man, that just wants to see the world burn.

Clever, adaptable, well mannered and almost shy on the outside. Deep down he hides the real truth, of a man that simply hates everyone. He has very cleverly avoided much suspicion of the "little problems" with the Elysium, by dropping back from the main Engineering team. He requested to be transferred to the Energy transfer room, which is a one man per station setup. Perfect, for working alone on his pet projects, that cause the ship and her crew so many problems.
Strengths & Weaknesses William Holt's strengths can be described as "Numerous, well hidden deceits". He is incredibly clever when it comes to emotional manipulation. He has Starfleet Officer Engineering training, and is an energy Systems specialist. His utterly necessary position, means he as a crewmember is extrodinarily difficult to replace and utterly necessary, offsetting any hope of simply kicking him off the ship, even though some have their suspicions and have raised them as such with the Chief Engineer.

His weaknesses are very well hidden, but William Holt's main weakness, is that he isn't emotionally nor psychologically stable. Compulsive Lying, tends to bring about consequences of distrust around him. He generally makes people feel uneasy. He is sometimes rude but tries to avoid letting the real grim, out for anyone to see. Although such contempt for his fellow crew sometimes leaks through.
Ambitions William Holt has one main ambition, since becoming Chief Engineer is now almost an impossibility onboard the Elysium. He has devoted himself, to small acts of dedicated and well hidden sabotage. The smallest of systems right now is his focus. The doors, the lighting, some small power conduits and non essential ODN Appliances. His main ambition is to make everyone suffer for his pain.

However, William Holt has a much larger agenda. His main ambition is to gain enough knowledge and technical ability through his smaller projects to eventually use those skills to take over the Elysium. Seeing himself as the misunderstood "Joker" he everyday gains knowledge and confidence in achieving his ultimate art.

Hobbies & Interests William Holt has not specified any particular Hobbies or interests.

Character Background

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review William Holt passed all Psychical and psychological procedures. He is deemed as "Fit for duty".
Allergies/Health Issues None Currently.
Counseling Review TBC.