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Captain Taam Sor'el

Name Taam Sor'el IV

Position Family Member

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote It's a good day to get in trouble anyway...
Species Trill
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 6-3
Weight 210
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Tall, muscular, and handsome with curly chestnut hair and a mustache to match. Never seen without a devil may care smile unmatched in recent history.


Spouse Merella Swii- Ex-Wife
Children None he's met, but who the hell knows really?
Father Taam Sor'el III
Mother Magia Sor'el
Brother(s) Er'on Sor'el, 1st Lt. SFMC-Deceased
Sister(s) Larina Sor'el, MD 32
Carina Sor'el, MD 32
Lt. Tarina Sor'el, CSO USS Rutledge 32
Other Family Liselle Swii-Qwynn former Sister in Law

Personality & Traits

General Overview Taam is friendly and charming, a known ladies man and, to be honest, more than a bit of a rogue. Loyal to his friends and family, though he does have lapses in judgement with often disastrous consequences, and always looking for that extra buck.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Loyal
+Physically Strong
+Excellent Combat and Piloting Skills

-Really an overgrown teenager in a lot of ways
Ambitions Grow his freight business as far as it can, maybe find the one and settle down.

Hobbies & Interests Dabo, adventure holos, more than a passing interest in the ladies.

Character Background

Personal History Born to a career Starfleet officer and the grandson and great-grandson of career officers, it seemed Taam was destined to spend his life in service of the Federation. Graduating the Academy at the age of twenty-one and going straight in to ground security forces at the tail end of the Dominion War, it seemed Taam was on the path he was born for. Always quick witted and charming with movie star looks, he never had an issue making friends, making contacts, or finding companionship. He married well when the time came near the end of his twenties, making the lovely Dr. Merella Swii his own. Then one day everything changed. He woke up and he was thirty five, a full Commander, married to a woman of great beauty and even greater standing, but he didn't remember being twenty five. In what would once have been described as a mid-life crisis, he made the biggest mistake of his life, not for the fallout for him, but the fallout for others, when he had an affair with his wife's twin sister, Liselle. Cast out of his home and unsure what to do next, Taam took a flight to DS9, where he won a freighter, the Andorian Star, in a dabo game. With no home, no marriage, and now in ownership of a fully loaded freighter with over ten million credits worth of cargo, Taam resigned his commission and became an independent cargo captain. He's since expanded his business into a fleet of seven freighters through shrewd business dealings and the patronage of an unknown benefactor....
Service Record 2371-Enters Starfleet Academy, Graduates 2375

2375-76: Groundside Security Strike Force, multiple theatres, Ensign. Awarded Bronze Star

2376-78: USS Atlantis-B, Nebula Class, Intel Analyst. Ensign, Lt. Junior Grade in May of 2377

2378-79: [CLASSIFIED WITH DELTA BLOCK STATUS] Lieutenant in December 2378

2379-81: USS Bangkok, Defiant Class. Chief Intel Officer. [MISSION DETAILS CLASSIFIED WITH DELTA BLOCK STATUS OCTOBER 2380 FORWARD] Marries Dr. Merella Swii at some point during this timeframe.

2381: USS Atlantis-B, Nebula Class, Chief Intel Officer

2382-84: USS Atlantis-B, Nebula Class, Executive Officer, Lt. Commander January 1, 2382. Atlantis-B decommissioned November 2384

2384-85: OIC, Atlantis-C construction project, orbit of Trill

2385-86: OIC, Recruiting/Retention Command, Stationed on Trill. Frequently called away for TDY [CLASSIFIED WITH DELTA BLOCK STATUS]

2387: USS Milan, Akira Class, Executive Officer

2388-89: USS Atlantis-C, Sovereign Class, Executive Officer, Commander upon assignment in February 2388, resigns from Starfleet in October 2389

2389-Present: Owner, CEO of Sor'el Cargo Lines, a fairly successful independent line with a side interest in exploration and scouting of potential colony sites for Federation Exploratory Committee.
Languages Standard, Trill, Bajoran, Klingon, Ferengi, Romulan

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review In great shape, a practical Adonis.
Allergies/Health Issues There was one time in the Academy when beer made him break out in handcuffs.
Counseling Review Really needs to grow up already.