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Jessica Clarke

Name Jessica Clarke

Position Barstaff

Character Information

Gender female
Character Quote It's beautiful!
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 174cm
Weight 60kg
Hair Color black
Eye Color grey
Physical Description Tall and fairly thin, Jessica has lived a harsh life and it shows. She is well-muscled from hard work, and while she is confident in her appearance, she does not think of herself as particularly pretty. This is changing gradually, as the traces of her hard life begin to disappear


Father dead
Mother dead
Brother(s) dead *blood dripping from gloved hand*

Personality & Traits

General Overview Careful, considerate and caring, Jessica is discovering a new world for herself, and the overwhelming sensation of freedom. She is kind to others, not quick to anger but radical in the pursuit of her goals, once she is set on them.

She doesn't understand much of how the Federation works, and might get into some legal trouble inadvertently. She does not mean to offend or harm anybody, however.

Jessica knows that her past colours her judgement of situations that other people see very differently, and she does her best not to dwell on things, as she knows that most people would rather not hear of her woes. She has bad dreams, frequently lies awake at night, trying to chase them away. Her wolf often has cubs.
Ambitions She wants to see her homeworld liberated, or at least her people given a chance to leave and start a life in prosperity somewhere else. Before this aim, everything else is secondary, even the biological drives related to survival, the four Fs (fighting, fleeing, feeding and mating).

While working as a waitress, Jessica is interested in engineering training and she hopes to be able to take part in some classes, so she'd be more useful should there be a civil engineering project to rebuild Turkana.
Hobbies & Interests Jessica wants to learn about everything around her, catch up to the others who have had a thirty year lead on education.

Character Background

Personal History Born on Turkana IV, Jessica learnt to evade people and to hide well from an early age. She can fight with a knife and with a quarterstaff fairly effectively, but is outmatched against ranged weapons as she never had one to train with.

As a young woman, she was captured by one of the gangs on Turkana, seeing her brothers killed for trying to save her. She resisted, and was punished. She was about to be killed, when an Orion Syndicate freighter captain demanded her as a part of a trade deal.

She ended up serving her on the freighter, and being pushed around and assaulted by the rest of the crew. She was feisty, and again she was punished. That was when she lost her ear, it was cut off with a fairly dull blade, leaving a nasty scar.

Ironically, her life got easier afterwards. She was mostly left alone as long as she worked hard enough, and the crew lost interest in her for the most part.

Her life was turned around when the Orion ship was destroyed in a skirmish with a Ferengi marauder. The Dai'Mon rescued her, brought her to Deep Space Nine and into a new world.

Soon, her case caught media attention and she was able to use this to call for Federation aid to Turkana, as a distress signal she hoped the Federation could not ignore.

After a failed attempt to work as a cargo handler for a Bajoran freighter captain, she ended up in Klingon space. The freighter had been smuggling ultritium explosives. The captain, first mate and chief engineer executed by Klingon Authorities, the ship was impounded but at least all other crewmembers were returned to Deep Space Nine unharmed.

She met with some violence on the station, and decided that she'd probably be best off serving on a Starfleet ship. Since her only friends in this galaxy were on the Elysium, that was where she was lucky enough to land a job as waitress. It was a start.

Medical and Psychological Information