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Cadet Freshman Grade Ludmilla Brett

Name Ludmilla Molotov Brett

Position Engineering Cadet

Second Position Crew Family

Rank Cadet Freshman Grade

Character Information

Gender Female
Character Quote Okay, so this is what we're doing now?
Species Vulcan/Human
Age 18

Physical Appearance

Height 5-4
Weight 130
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Ludmilla is a beautiful, if somewhat punk, quarter Vulcan female, currently wearing her hair in a buzz cut. She's toned and has multiple tattoos and likes to stand out in the crowd.


Father Rear Admiral Jacob Brett, CO Earth Orbital Shipyard
Mother Rear Admiral Marianna Zhukov-Brett, MD
Brother(s) Lt JG Morgan Brett, CFCO USS Vanderbilt
Lt JG Bozeman Brett, CFCO USS Red River
Sister(s) Lt. Cdr. Anje Brett, COO USS Elysium
Other Family Ambassador Anje Zhukov, Aunt
Lt. Cdr. Jessica Vaii, Fiancee

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ludmilla is, of late, a party girl of epic proportions. Loving and loyal, she has a rebellious streak three kilometers wide. Though they aren't currently on the best of terms, her older sister is her best friend.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Smart
+Strong sense of self
+Strong swimmer

-Rebellious nature sometimes gets her in trouble
Ambitions Right now Ludmilla's ambition is just to get through the Academy and on to a career in Starfleet, at least for a while as she's not sure if the rigid structure of the military is something she wants to devote her entire life to. Exploring the galaxy though? That's for life!
Hobbies & Interests Swimming, hiking, legend chasing. Like her older sister, mother, and aunt, Milla is a talented and passionate artist.

Character Background

Personal History Born to two Starfleet officers brought from the 23rd century into the 24th during the Bozeman Incident, Ludmilla grew up around Starfleet. Her family was very close, made especially so by the circumstances of her parents' arrival in what was to them the future. Ludmilla, however, has never dwelled on that for even a second, figuring she was born in 2378, so she was full blooded 24th century and planned to own it.

Due to difficulties in Ludmilla's birth her mother was unable to attend to many of Ludmilla's needs through the first month of her life, duties which fell to her then 10 year old sister, Anje. The two have, as such, always been extremely close, though a rift has formed between them over Anje's most recent girlfriend, Capt. Cheline Halliwell, over Ludmilla's feeling that Cheline changed her sister when they were together, making her timid and meek, then leaving her sister behind damaged.

Ludmilla, until recently, was happy to follow her family traditions, even attending the prestigious Zhukov Military Academy in Moscow, Russia, Earth as all but a handful of her family had for generations dating back to the 21st Century. Lately though a rebellious nature and wanderlust has taken hold of the young woman, things she'd never felt before, and she can't wait to see where it takes her.
Service Record 2395-6: Starfleet Academy, USS Elysium, Cadet First Grade
Languages Standard, Vulcan, Russian

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Remarkably fit
Allergies/Health Issues None
Counseling Review Typical teenage rebellion and experimentation, nothing to see here, move along.