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Ensign Justin Case

Name Justin Case

Position Operations Officer

Rank Ensign

Character Information

Gender male
Species Human
Age 25

Physical Appearance

Height 1.93m
Weight 95kg
Hair Color black
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Tall and in good shape, Justin likes flashy colours and can be seen combining a wardrobe from a variety of cultures all over the known universe.


Personality & Traits

General Overview He's a bright and witty lad, usually in good spirits and rarely at a loss for words. He is aware of his strengths as well as weaknesses, and he will offer and seek help as needed. As such, he is a good team player.

To him, nothing is off-limits and it is hard to offend him. Likewise, he sometimes offends without meaning to. He prefers to avoid conflict when possible. He's ready to apologise when he realises he's overstepped his bounds, but recognising that takes a direct approach. He does not get subtle hints.

He is extremely dedicated to getting his work done as best as possible and has been known to drive others around him slightly nuts with the standards he keeps. This exasperates some who work under him, as he isn't usually satisfied with anyone's 'good enough' approach, even when that would indeed suffice and get the job done.
Strengths & Weaknesses + wit
+ nimble fingers

+/- perfectionist (at least on duty)

- workaholic
- lack of empathy
Ambitions He's worked hard to be stationed on the Elysium and he wants to stay and make a name for himself. Eventually, he's hoping for a position as operations manager on the bridge, or possibly chief engineer aboard an exploratory cruiser.
Hobbies & Interests Justin spends a lot of his free time staying in shape and he's always happy to join in a dare or a competition with others.

Outside of his chosen profession, he's interested in biology and planetary science, and he's a qualified sensor operator. He loves flying everything from ancient aeroplanes to modern starfighters.

He tends to nerd out on anything he likes, acquiring in-depth knowledge, while also remaining totally oblivious regarding subject matters he's not interested in, any information passing through his mind not being retained.

Character Background

Personal History Born in 2370 on Marcos XII, Justin grew up on one of the most densely populated worlds of the Federation. He was a fairly average student for most of his life and only picked up traction when he got into Starfleet Academy. While he wouldn't have qualified prior to the Dominion war, the manpower shortage experienced by Starfleet in the following decades meant they gave him a chance and he proved that, once at the Academy and really driven towards a goal, he was excellent officer material.

He graduated with a recommendation from the Academy Commandant and was given a choice of available postings. He wanted a top of the line, modern ship and picked the Elysium, where he was sent straight away.

Still on his way, on the Intrepid class Eclipse, he lost his left leg during the battle to reclaim the Elysium from hijackers, but managed to convince the medical staff to keep him aboard and allow him restricted duties. He desperately wants to avoid getting sent to a starbase for recovery as he is worried that his plum assignment will no longer be available once he is able to return to full duty.
Languages Federation Standard English

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Clean amputation of left leg below the knee, no complications expected from replacement surgery.