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Petty Officer 1st Class Anya Neeze

Name Anya Neeze

Position Security Officer

Rank Petty Officer 1st Class

Character Information

Gender female
Species Human
Age 23

Physical Appearance

Height 1.73m
Weight 48kg
Hair Color brown
Eye Color brown
Physical Description Anya is of average height and has a lean physique. She's physically fit and works out a lot to stay fit. She can usually found with her hair down, though she carries a hair band with her so she can tie it up into a pony tail should the situation call for it. She doesn't want it in her face during a firefight, or when crawling through a Jefferies tube.

She prefers to dress casually and usually looks like she's on holiday in some tropical venue when off duty. She can also usually be found wearing a smile, which she figures goes well with almost any outfit, even skinny-dipping on the holodeck.

Anya is physically stronger than she appears, but no match for a Vulcan or Klingon in that department. While she occasionally overindulges, her body doesn't bear the marks of her lifestyle thanks to the wonders of modern medical science.


Father Willie S. Neeze
Mother Desti Neeze

Personality & Traits

General Overview Anya is a happy and mostly carefree woman when left to her own devices but a consummate professional on duty. This is not to say she lacks a sense of humour (far from it) but she is driven to get the job done, and get it done well.

She enjoys fighting, especially when it's playful, whether that's having an argument or going sword to sword with someone on a holodeck adventure. She loves playing around in fantasy programmes or medieval settings especially, provided they're not prejudiced against women warriors.

While she is usually cheerful, she is also known to have a strong temper. She occasionally holds grudges and expects people to come to her and apologise when she feels she has been wronged, and is often not wise enough to forgive and to move on.

She loves to experiment with anything and everything people throw her way, unless it's stupidly risky for herself or others. She's got a 'try anything at least once' type personality.
Strengths & Weaknesses + cheerful
+ helpful
+ quick-witted
+ tactically brilliant

- holds grudges
- gregarious
- insensitive
Ambitions Anya joined up because Starfleet was all she knew, having been born to a mother in the fleet and having travelled around with her on different duty stations. She has an instinctive understanding of how Starfleet works and feels at home in the service, she enjoys the order and structure it gives her life. She eventually wants to make Master-at-Arms on a starship or starbase but she knows that such a position lies far in the future, she needs to prove herself first.
Hobbies & Interests Aside from spending a lot of time fighting, either for fun or as a training exercise, Anya balances out her physical activity by also spending a lot of time reading (especially while recovering from injuries) and by tinkering with toys she likes to make. She'd be wearing classic nerd glasses if her eyesight hadn't been corrected at age four.

Anya sings very well, though few people aside from her roommate know about this. She loves music and plays the flute.

She likes to keep a certain strict order in her quarters and hates it when it's messed up. Beyond that, she's easily excitable and loves to try new things.

Character Background

Personal History Anya was born in sickbay of the Ambassador class cruiser U.S.S. Aberdeen in 2372, where her mother worked as damage control technician. She spent her youth on Starfleet facilities, her earliest memories stemming from meeting Cardassians on the first ship she was allowed back on after the Dominion war, the Excelsior class U.S.S. Formidable.

She spent her teenage years on an exploratory cruiser, the large and luxurious Galaxy class U.S.S. Arecibo, where she started taking the first classes that allowed her to jump right into the fray of the service when she came of age. She also picked up some linguistic legerdemain along the way.

She enlisted in 2390 and was assigned the rank of Crewman, thanks to the classes she had already taken, and was posted to a security team aboard the cruiser U.S.S. Don Quixote, Nebula class. She distinguished herself by displaying both bravery and tactical savvy as a member of several landing parties and was quickly bumped up the ranks to the NCO grades.

She lost most of her left leg in 2392, while on her second ship, the Sabre class U.S.S. Joyeuse. She spent more time with the counsellor than she felt comfortable with, and was assuring him that she was fine and that the new leg worked just as well as the old one and that getting hurt was the price of fighting and that she had known all that when she had signed on and that really, she didn't need to talk about her feelings any more than she had already done. She transferred to the Steamrunner class U.S.S. Spitfire just to get away from that man.

She transferred to the U.S.S. Elysium mid-2395 and took charge of a fire team, or security station aboard ship respectively.
Service Record 2390 - U.S.S. Don Quixote, Nebula class - Crewman
2392 - U.S.S. Joyeuse, Sabre class - Petty Officer 3rd class
2393 - U.S.S. Spitfire, Steamrunner class - Petty Officer 3rd class
2395 - U.S.S. Elysium, Elysium class - Petty Officer 2nd class
Languages Federation Standard English, Andorian, Klingon insults

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Replacement parts work well, no lasting complaints.
Counseling Review Suffers from a mild case of CDO; does not want to open up about her deeper emotional state