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Lieutenant Commander Estelle Hertz

Name Estelle Hertz MD

Position Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Second Position Surgeon

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender female
Character Quote "We're ducked now." & "What the duck?"
Species Terran
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 1.76m
Weight 69kg
Hair Color brunette with blonde accents
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Estelle is a woman of average height and physique. She is neither athletic nor obese, rather soft-bodied but in good physical condition. She keeps herself healthy, both for her own good and to not sound like a hypocrite when giving health advice to the crew.


Father Richard Hertz
Mother Oma Back-Hertz
Sister(s) Stefanie Hertz
Other Family Aunt, mother's side, Eileen Dover-Anfell; born Eileen Back, married Ben Dover, divorced and remarried.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Estelle is a kind and compassionate person. She is an accomplished surgeon and takes pride in her professional abilities. She is patient and it takes a lot to make her angry, but once that has happened it also takes considerable effort to repair the damage done. While she believes in second chances, she does not believe in a third.

She does not like crowds of people but enjoys socialising in smaller settings. She has a trusting nature and is willing to give everybody the benefit of the doubt. She is aware of the dangers of getting hurt but she believes the potential benefits far outweigh the hazards of her trusting nature.

Willing to put the needs of others before her own, she does what she feels needs to be done even if in conflict with her personal or professional ethics; she is a pragmatist first.

Estelle shares many views and values of Andorian culture as a result of growing up around Andorians but there is no single culture in which she feels fully at home.

One of the first things most people notice about her is her unbridled sense of humour. She cracks jokes about everything and everybody, and is only serious when necessary.
Strengths & Weaknesses She is intelligent and dedicated but she has issues focussing on matters which don’t interest her, something she has to employ tricks (and significant amounts of coffee) in order to trick her brain into doing. Once determined and focussed on a goal, she does not know when to quit.

She is known to be too trusting with others, especially those she has just met, and has got burnt in the past. She is often oblivious of another person’s romantic intentions and her overall disposition is regularly mistaken for flirtatiousness.

Estelle is fairly good with languages, speaking Federation Standard English, German and Andorian, and having retained some Latin and Greek from her time in medical school.
Ambitions While not particularly ambitious, Estelle is good at what she does and that has earned her professional recognition. She wanted the position aboard the Elysium for reasons of professional fulfilment, with a sickbay right at the cutting edge of the frontier of medical science, and gave up her position as Chief Medical Officer aboard Tirpitz for it.

On a personal note, Estelle hopes to be able to publish a holodeck programme of her own writing some day. This is far in the future, however, as she cannot dedicate a large amount of time to that project.
Hobbies & Interests Estelle is an avid reader and is well-versed in the world of literature. She plays the piano, improvising tunes as a way to help her think. She enjoys designing exotic buildings and landscapes for holodeck programmes and can spend hours lost in decorating a simple piece of furniture to turn it into an exquisite show piece.

She goes totally nuts about tea and coffee, and keeps a large selection in stasis so it’ll never go off even on a long voyage.

When the opportunity arises, she tremendously enjoys playing practical jokes.

She is utterly and totally bored by anything sports-related.

Character Background

Personal History Estelle was born on Starbase 27, in orbit of Andoria, on First Contact Day in 2363, to human parents living aboard the predominantly Andorian-crewed base. Even though both her parents were engineers, she never developed any acumen for the field. She enjoyed growing up on Andoria but kept mainly to the equatorial regions and the starbase itself.

She discovered her interest in medicine at the age of twelve and has since become an expert in Andorian physiology, simply because it was the easiest to study when she began to look into more details outside her regular school work. She attended a school intended for Andorians who desired to learn about Terran culture and a strong focus was put on classical education. She also learnt some Andorian fighting techniques along the way but has since forgotten much of it through disuse.

Estelle was accepted at Starfleet Academy at the age of 17, the first time she got to see Earth (or any other planet aside from Andoria, for that matter) outside of holographic representations. She excelled as a surgeon and also did well in other medical fields.

She received her first posting to the Excelsior class U.S.S. Herod in 2384, for the old ship’s final tour before it was her turn to receive the Lakota refit. With medical facilities extremely basic for the standards of the time, Estelle learnt to improvise. It was often frustrating, but in retrospect she looks at it through a romantic filter. How many other people her age had pre-Lakota Excelsior class credits to their service file?

In 2388, Estelle took the position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard Akira class U.S.S. Catherine the Great. It was aboard this vessel that she got romantically involved with a crewmember from the science department, but just as she felt the relationship would develop to the next level, her partner was re-assigned and it turned out to be nothing more than two ships passing each other in the night, as her counsellor had pointed out.

Estelle got her chance as Chief Medical Officer aboard Intrepid-class U.S.S. Tirpitz in 2392. Aboard the small ship, she had little in the way of staff and learnt to rely a lot on the EMH for many of the jobs that needed to get done around sickbay. In general, Estelle preferred to work with real people, however.

Together with surgical nurse Ophelia Payne, Estelle developed a surgical technique allowing quick regeneration of severed Andorian antennae. This procedure was published in the Starfleet Medical Journal and is now known as the Payne-Hertz method.

While she wasn’t unhappy aboard the Tirpitz, she wanted to serve on a larger ship, with a more diverse crew and more opportunities that held professional interest.

When the opportunity came, Estelle applied for a transfer to the U.S.S. Elysium as ship’s surgeon. She was advised not to pursue this career path, as it meant giving up her department head position, but Estelle was undeterred. She wanted that post more than she wanted to be in charge, and was eventually accepted, transferring over in 2395.
Service Record 2380 - Starfleet Academy Entrance
2384 - Training Cruise, U.S.S. Herod (Excelsior), Ensign, medical intern
2386 - U.S.S. Herod (Excelsior), Lieutenant Junior Grade, Surgeon
2388 - U.S.S. Catherine the Great (Akira), Lieutenant Junior Grade, Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2392 - U.S.S. Tirpitz (Intrepid), Lieutenant, Chief Medical Officer
2395 - U.S.S. Elysium (Elysium), Lieutenant, Surgeon
Languages Federation Standard English, German, Andorian; some leftovers of Latin and Greek

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Overall healthy and in decent shape, slightly above what Starfleet considers ideal weight. Previous injuries healed fully, no scars. No other medical issues.
Allergies/Health Issues Estelle is allergic to stupid people, symptoms include rolling her eyes all the way up to slapping them upside the head.