1st Lieutenant Luther Fry

Name Luther Desmond Fry Mr.

Position Marine Executive Officer

Rank 1st Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Character Quote "You haven't the first idea how unforgiving
this universe has become,
and I will not let you find out at my expense!"
Species Human
Age 40 (actual) 82 (chronological)

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 190
Hair Color Brownish Red/Greying
Eye Color Brownish Green
Physical Description Age: 40 (actual) 82 (chronological) due to being trapped in a temporal rift with the other survivors of the USS Peacemaker.

Subject possesses numerous scars which he refuses to have cosmetically removed. Back and chest also show distinct pattern of ritual scarring and tattooing.

Cellular scans of subject will show a 0.001 temporal shift. This is from residual temporal radiation from prolonged exposure (40 years) when the USS Peacemaker was trapped in a form of subspace rift.


Spouse (Separated/Missing) Ro'wena Ariennye e-des D'Cado t'K're paenhe s'K're [Romulan]
Children (Missing)
• Son (adopted): G’win [Romulan]• *Son (Biological): Timujin (Tim) [Romulan/Human]• *Daughter (Biological): Tammarlain (Tammy) [Romulan/Human]* Denotes children as being twins
Father Biological: Denis Fry – deceased [Human]/Adopted:Jurath G'lish Idrani [Andorian](MIA USS Athabaska)
Mother Biological: Tracy Fry – deceased [Human]/Adopted: Meveleth G'lish Idrani – [Andorian]
Brother(s) Adopted: Turath G'lish Idrani [Andorian]
Sister(s) Adopted: Phell'nun G'lish Idrani
Other Family Too many Andorian Keth relations to list

Personality & Traits

General Overview Initially comes across as abrasive in nature, but is quite gregarious with those bonds of friendship have been established with.

Strengths & Weaknesses The subject’s muscular and bone structures are quite dense and durable. This and subject’s high endurance and tolerance for pain is most likely due to being born on a world with higher than normal gravity and extreme environmental influences.

Due to prolonged exposure to the temporal rift, the subject's cells contain both a quantum and chromiton resonance that is 0.0001 out of phase with current points in time. This can cause the subject to experience mild to severe pain if exposed to sources of chromation radiation.
Ambitions Currently Luther's one and only ambition is to find his wife and family! To find them and make sure they are safe is what keeps him going when the darkness starts to close in. Even though he and Ro'wena were technically separated it was an amiable separation and there is still intense feelings for each other.
Hobbies & Interests Hunting and fishing were a means of survival during his childhood and are in his blood. To pacify fell crew members he has limited this for the most part to holo-deck simulations. When ever possible though, he does enjoy the real actives and the food he prepares from the game.

Luther is certified as a Personal combat instructor and does enjoy teaching others not only the physical but the spiritual side. He is certified to train the Starfleet Combat system, Terran Akido and Andorian Shar Vor. There is a very strong spiritual element to Shar Vor. Some of the Spiritual practices are frowned upon by Starfleet due to the Medical risks involved.

Character Background

Personal History Historical records show a group known as the Chrysalis Initiative purchased a J class bulk freighter and had a portion of its large cargo holds modified to house cryogenic stasis pods. The ship was converted from a freighter to a sleeper colonization vessel. Records from this time regarding the Chrysalis Initiative are almost nonexistent. Only a few media files about a science based cult like religious group, and a single UESA report of the vessel warping out of Earth orbit at Warp 2 suddenly, without prior clearance or filing a course on November 1st 2144 could be found. From 2144 to 2338 the vessel which the Chrysalis Initiative flagged as the Laughlin traveled through space at Warp to what was then a distant star system. Details of the voyage and if the Eta Bootis System was even their intended destination are to this day unknown. Soon after the vessels departure, the TIA (Terran Intelligence Agency) of the time, seizes any and all items and property left behind by the Chrysalis Initiative.

What is known is that sometime in 2338 something went terribly wrong and the ship made an emergency landing in what was one of the more habitable coastal regions of the planet the survivors would dub New Avalon. Instead of finding themselves on a paradise world, they found themselves on a frozen hell. It was a marginal class M world with a very short growing season, many dangerous indigenous life forms. Instead of a new paradise, the colonists had to fight for their very survival!

Luther was born to Denis and Tracy Fry sometime in the year 2340. Luther had to learn the skills of wilderness survival and internal discipline at a young age if he was to survive. Later as an adult with some help from a ship’s medical officer, Luther chooses December 1st to be his birthday.

The colony is discovered and recovered/rescued by the USS Athabasca in 2347. Luther's father had died four years earlier from a Raeb (a native predator) mauling while out fishing, and his mother died three months before the Athabasca’s arrival from a sickness similar to Smallpox. Luther was living a feral existence hunting and scavenging while trying to elude both the predators, as well as gangs of other colonists that raided others killing and looting what they wanted.

Luther is captured, and after a period of counseling, adopted by the Alaska's Andorian Security Chief and sent to live with the Chief's family (Keth/Clan Idrani) on Andor. Their Keth/clan lived a tradition Andorian life in a small village in the Tavada Mountains. With them Luther learned the ways of the traditional Andorian Hunter/Warrior.

In some ways he easily fit into this new culture. In others not, being a human child thrust into the tight mesh of the Andorian Keth culture. Every day he had not only to prove to himself but the rest of the Keth his worth. It was only when his adopted brother and sister were set upon by a gang of older children Luther proved his was an Andorian heart. Picking up a piece of firewood he stood between the gang and his siblings. The gang laughed at the sight of the scrawny human child with a stick. The laughs turned to shrieks of fear and pain when Luther released his bottled rage into that piece of wood and blue blood sprayed across the snow and ice. Steam filled the air that day as blue forms lay in a circle around the child like the petals of a macabre flower. That day Luther Fry not only protected his siblings but the honor of his Keth and earned their respect.

He learned not only the Andorian Language but also their ways and religion. The majority of his formal education is conducted at a nearby Shar Vor monastery. The monks teachings by far do more to help Luther deal with his traumatic childhood and give him to tools to focus and channel his pain and rage. He becomes the first non Andorian to be accepted as a Initiate of the order, as well as being one of its youngest.

At roughly seventeen years of age, Luther enlists in the Star Fleet Marine Corps against the wishes of this adopted Keth. During his initial training and testing, Luther scores are high enough for him to be accepted into Marine Officer Candidate School. Though Luther hates class room based learning, he finds he actually loves the formality and discipline of the Marines and excels in his training though there were disciplinary issues.

Upon graduating, Luther is assigned to his first combat unit, 2nd Platoon/ 1st Company/ 3rd Battalion/ 4th Starfleet Marine Regiment aboard the USS Ticonderoga (Excelsior class). He dumped headlong into the ongoing Federation – Tzenkethi War. His never give-up, never yield, rage driven fury earns him commendations, injuries and most importantly notice by Marine command. It is not long before Luther is offered additional training and reassignment to the Marine Scout Snipers.

In early 2360, Luther is assigned upon completing of training to the Scout Sniper Platoon/ 3rd Battalion/ 4th Starfleet Marine Regiment. Here Luther is in his element. His natural stealth and hunter instincts fit perfectly with the new role. Luther sees extensive action along the Cardassian frontier at the height of the first Federation-Cardassian conflict. The brutal and bloody raids, and small unit actions were perfectly suited for the Marine Scout Sniper teams. Luther quickly racks up an impressive number of confirmed kills by both ranged and close quarter means. Luther’s skills allowed him to infiltrate Cardassian positions and carry out both direct action missions as well as Intel gathering. Always the hunter though, Luther was brought up on charges for having a collection of Cardassian neck bones as trophies from what he referred to as hunting trips. He is reduced in rank and a notation was placed in his permanent record.

His dedication, skills, and intelligence did not go unnoticed during this time. While confined to barracks Luther was approached and given a chance to really prove he had what it takes to be a Marine. Luther was offered a chance to be become and join the SFMC’s elite Marine Force Recon. Marine Force Recon were the best of the best in the Corps, and carried out Special Operations missions mandated by Star Fleet or directly from the United Federation Council. Marine Force Recon Units worked closely with Star Fleet Intelligence and the FIS (Federation Intelligence Service).

Luther is honored and accepts. He soon finds himself in the middle of some of the most brutal training he had ever experienced and he LOVED IT! For the first time in his life he felt truly alive. The harder his instructors push the harder Luther drove himself proving and passing the most important test of a Force Recon Marine. Never give up no matter what. If you are breathing there are always options.

2362 finds Luther assigned to the 24 Provisional Force Recon Company on the Cardassian frontier. Teams from the 24th conduct a variety of operations ranging from recon missions deep in Cardassian space to Counter Terrorist operations within Federation space that are beyond what Starfleet Security or the Federation Security Service can handle. One of these missions has Luther and fellow team members posing as mercs to infiltrate an Orion Syndicate slavery operation then liberate the captives while “neutralizing” Syndicate personnel and obtaining any records they could lay their hands on.

From the shadows eyes are watching and always eager to recruit. 2370 Officially assigned to the Marine detachment of remote, almost unheard of, Star Station Sigma 375 in 2379.

(Recently Declassified)
In reality, Luther is assigned (2369-73) to a Covert Para-military Black Operations unit known as the Nightstalkers. This unit was funded out of accounts from the UPF Agricultural Relief Organization. To whom this unit reported to is still under investigation. Much of the Nightstalker's actions/operations are still unknown and just coming to light. Luther refuses to speak of this period. Only when questioned by Flag ranked Starfleet JAG officers in closed court, did he acknowledge the existence of the unit and his membership, but refused to going into details citing a series of classified Federation Council orders restricting access.

For undisclosed reasons, Luther leaves the Nightstalkers in 2373 and is assigned to the USS Ticonderoga MLS (Marine Landing Support) as the commander of the Pathfinder/Recon Company of the 2nd MEU (SOC), Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable). The 2nd MEU (SOC) served like a mobile fire brigade during the recent Klingon conflict. The 2nd MEU (SOC) spearheaded the Federation landing on Ganalda IV. Here the 2nd MEU (SOC) had to fend off numerous Klingon counter attacks until the system was secured and reinforcements could be brought in. Fry was awarded the Citation of Conspicuous Gallantry and the 2nd MEU (SOC) was awarded a unit citation of the Starfleet Medal of Valor for its performance.

Soon after his transfer to the 2nd MEU, Luther’s first wife, a Human/Betazoid is killed by a deliberately set Plasma charge. Investigation by both Star Fleet Security and the FSS (Federation Security Service) show the device was intended to kill Luther but have no other leads to who or why. Luther has his own suspicions but keeps silent vowing to exact revenge.

From 2374-76, Luther is assigned to the USS Ultima (Sovereign class) as the Commanding Officer of the 2nd MEU (SOC), Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable). With the Dominion war, and Borg incursions, Luther and his marines are pressed hard but never yield and see extensive action. It is during these missions Luther encounters and loses his heart to the beautiful Riov Ro'wena e-des d'Cado t'K're, CMO (Chief Medical Officer) of the IRV Rakata during a joint mission.

2376 Luther is court-martialed and stripped of his rank. Subject is sentenced to twenty-five years hard labor. The incident is classified and the records sealed at the order of Star Fleet Command. Subject escapes closed custody to the “Triangle” region of space that borders the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan empires. Here he hires out as a mercenary, and hired gun to the highest bidder.

In 2378 Luther’s path crossed with Admiral Pike and the crew of the Peacemaker while they were on a mission in the Triangle. The Major was at first detained in close custody by the Peacemaker then agreed to aid them on their mission. After the mission Admiral Pike convinced Luther to stay on with the ship at first as a “Specialist” then after convincing Star Fleet to commute Luther’s sentence, and re-instate his commission though at a lower rank of Major. At this point Luther took command of the Peacemaker’s Marine detachment.

(Recently Declassified)
This is actually a FIS operation and is the basis for Luther’s cover and being in the Triangle. Luther under orders never revealed this to Admiral Pike, and the Admiral’s petitioning to have Luther pardoned and reinstated did much to reaffirm Luther’s cover story of his court martial and his validity in certain circles.

Following a several year long distance courtship, Luther asks and marries Riov Ro'wena e-des d'Cado t'K're, former CMO of the IRV Rakata and Romulan Ambassador to the Federation, Luther's new wife and the couple' adopted son move aboard the USS Peacemaker where Ro'wena is serving as Flight Surgeon to the Marine Detachment. It is not long after the marriage the couple has a set of twins, one boy, one girl of their own. Needless to say, domestic life is never dull when it came to the extended families. A human male marrying into one of the Great houses was seen as scandalous in the Romulan Empire. Having to deal and balance both Andorian and Romulan in-laws as well as attend to their duties placed great strain on the couple’s relationship. The breaking point was an assassination attempt on Luther that put his family in jeopardy. Ro’wena felt that the children could be better protected within the Romulan Empire and more specifically within the holdings of the Great House of K’re. After much heated discussion Luther finally agreed and she and children slipped quietly into Romulan space.

It was not long after they had returned to the Empire, messages stopped. Luther tried in vain to contact Ro’wena and the children only to find out from an old friend within the K’re House Guard that the Tal Shiar had made an attempt to kidnap Ro’wena and the children using Reman troops (in an effort to set the blame on Reman separatists). Escaping the attack She and the children had disappeared into the Romulan underground and off planet. Officially the Great House of K’re blamed Luther for the attack as their marriage was never fully accepted and condoned. Luther and the Federation made the perfect face saving scapegoat to use as leverage against the Tal Shiar, the Senate, and the Praetor.

Luther hastily tried to arrange a way to sneak into Romulan space to search for his family when the cruel hand of fate intervened with a temporal anomaly opening and pouring forth a Borg fleet that had been sent into a temporal flux strike at the Alpha quadrant from within its borders. The Borg ships were armed with new terrifying Chromiton based weapons and exotic energy weapons that were similar to those of the Tholians. Aboard the Borg vessels were legions of assimilated Jem’Hadar! It seems this Borg threat was not of this time line but from one where the Borg had assimilated all of the galaxy’s quadrants and were now tearing through to alternate timelines to conquer those as well.

The USS Peacemaker was one of 127 Federation and Allied vessels that engaged the Borg. Within minutes more than three quarters of the ships had been destroyed or crippled. As fires burned through the mangled hull of what was the USS Peacemaker, and its crew fought pitched hand to hand battles with the Neo-Jem’Hadar drones, Admiral Pike had only one choice. He ordered the Peacemaker to make a run on the Temporal Sphere at the heart of the Borg fleet and using a combination of Ti-cobalt weapons and a single hastily modified quantum torpedo fitted with a Chromiton particle payload the Peacemaker targeted the Sphere’s Temporal core. The detonation of the Temporal core seeded with the Chromiton particles caused a massive explosion in a conventional sense but a Temporal and Subspace blast to occur that shattered both time and space in the local region. Many ships were destroyed but so was the Borg. The Peacemaker has fate would have it fell through one of these rifts in time and space and became trapped. The ship and its crew were presumed destroyed by Star Fleet.

Forty years would pass till the USS Farstar mission on its way to the Gamma Quadrant encountered a region of temporal anomalies and subspace fractures. Upon further investigation to the shock of the Farstar crew, they found the Peacemaker broken and battered but still in one piece drifting in one of the anomaly zones. Using focused Tachyon bursts, the Farstar was able to dislodge the Peacemaker from the anomaly, and found that some of the crew were still alive! Luther was one of these survivors. Rescue operations ensued and the Farstar was forced to delay its mission to the Gamma Quadrant and set coarse to the nearest Federation base to off load the survivors.

Luther and the other survivors required medical care for both physical and psychological injuries and trauma sustained during the battle and the ensuing ten years of being trapped in what could be best described as a loop of the last few minutes they had experienced in normal time. For ten years they looped over and over those last few brutal minutes. Luther’s physical injuries were extensive and his recovery was considered a miracle even with the advanced Medical resources available. His mind was much harder to heal. At first Luther had required to be in a locked down psych ward once his body had healed. His mind could not adjust to what had occurred. He was convinced that the reality he was experiencing was some sort of Borg created simulation to test him. to probe him for Intelligence. It took many weeks of focused therapy from a team of Vulcan and Betazoid telepaths, and the services of an Andorian Shar Vor Monk for not only Luther’s mind but his soul to “reboot”.

Luther was given a lengthy period of leave to recuperate, during which time he tried multiple times to find his family. Ten years had passed and leads were cold. To add to the issues the changes that had occurred in the Empire during that time and how the House of K’re did not want to be reminded of the embarrassment of their wedding nor the mixed breed children it spawned. Luther ended up in a maximum security holding cell on a Romulan border station and it was only due to the fact his execution would be made public by the Romulans did the Federation Diplomatic service intervene. Being on leave he had not technically broken any regulation. Luther’s medical status had him listed as fit for duty. But to the Politicians he was an embarrassment and a liability. Luther was quietly returned to duty and assigned to the most distant duty station they could find for him. The first of these was duty on the USS Yamato. Recently Luther was ordered to a new duty station even further removed. The travel orders did not specify where specifically at this time. Sealed orders indicating his destination would be waiting for him on the transport.
Service Record 2357 Enlisted in the Star Fleet Marine Corps

2359 Assigned to: USS Ticonderoga (Excelsior class); Platoon Commander: 2nd Platoon/ 1st Company/ 3rd Battalion/ 4th Starfleet Marine Regiment.

2360 Assigned to: Scout Sniper Platoon/ 3rd Battalion/ 4th Starfleet Marine Regiment

2362 Assigned to: 24th Provisional Force Recon Company


2373 Assigned to: USS Ticonderoga MLS (Marine Landing Support) as the commander of the Pathfinder/Recon Company of the 2nd MEU (SOC), Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable)

2374-76 Assigned to: USS Ultima; Commanding Officer of the 2nd MEU (SOC), Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable)

2376 Subject is court-martialed and stripped of his rank. Subject is sentenced to twenty-five years hard labor. The incident is classified and the records sealed at the order of Star Fleet Command. Subject escapes closed custody to the “Triangle” region of space that borders the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan empires. Here he hires out as a mercenary, and hired gun to the highest bidder.

2377 Contacted and recruited by the Commanding Officer of the USS Peacemaker. Due to the aid provided by the Subject, a Federation Pardon was issued. Subject is re-absorbed back into the SFMC

2377 Assigned to: USS Peacemaker; Commanding Officer of the 33rd MEU (SOC), Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable)

2379 USS Peacemaker lost in temporal rift caused by the explosion of a Borg dimensional weapon. Ship is declared missing with all hands after extensive search.

2389 USS Peacemaker recovered by the USS Farstar mission in the Gamma Quadrant. Luther is among recovered survivors. Intensive Medical therapy is required for survivors.

2389 Luther is re-certified for active duty after an extended shore leave and Medical care.

Training or Education:
MOS: Force Recon/Infantry
Training History:
• SFMC Basic Training Camp (90 days)
• SFMC School of Infantry (187 days),
• SFMC Officer Candidate School (250 days)
• SFMC Advanced Mountain & Arctic Warfare Training (28 days)
• SFMC Advanced Desert Operations Training (28 days)
• SFMC Advanced Jungle Operations Training (28 days)
• SFMC Advanced Combat and Tactics training: Urban/CQB (28 days)
• SFMC Advanced Combat and Tactics training: Boarding Actions (28 days)
• SFMC Advanced Low and Zero Gravity Combat and Tactics Training: (28 days)
• SFMC Advanced Survival, Evasion, Resistance & Escape (SERE) (28 days)
• SFMC Sapper Training (42 days)
• SFMC Aerospace Operations and Assault School, (90 days),
• SFMC Scout Sniper School (91 days)
• SFMC Force Recon School (170 days)
• SFMC Aquatic and Fluidic Combat and Survival School (35 days)
• SFMC Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team (FAST) training (35 days)

• Starfleet Advanced Tactical Training (84 days)

• Certified for Environmental Suit Classes: I, II, III, IV, and V
• Jump Qualified: OALO, OAHO, HALO, HAHO, LALO
• Certified Personal Combat Instructor: Starfleet HTH Combat, Terran Aikido, Andorian Shar Vor

Education level:
• High school equivalency diploma, 3.2 average
• B. A. Equivalent through SFMC education system, 3.1 average

• Purple Heart (Decorated Three Times)
• Starfleet Citation for Conspicuous Gallantry (Decorated Twice)
• Bronze Star (Decorated twice)
• Silver Star
• Star Cross
• Kragite Order of Heroism
Languages Fluent: English(Federation Standard); Andorian; Romulan
Working Knowledge: Klingon; Cardassian

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Many mended Broken bones
Cloned: Left Lung, 20 cm of Intestine
Psionic Dampener implant with explosive anti-tamper
Allergies/Health Issues Due to prolonged exposure to the temporal rift, the subject's cells contain both a quantum and chromiton resonance that is 0.0001 out of phase with current points in time. This can cause the subject to experience mild to severe pain if exposed to sources of chromation radiation.
Counseling Review The subject is quite “willful” in his opinions. He will how ever follow orders and the COC (chain of command) even if those orders do not correspond to his “opinion”. The subject will however push the envelope of provided orders if it means obtain the operational objective.

It should be noted that the subject will most likely do what ever is needed/justified to complete the mission objective even if it means breaking civilian laws or military code of conduct. Past history has shown this to be the case and reflected in the number of times subject has been brought up on a variety of charges, imprisoned and rank reductions. Subject does not regret his past actions and has stated he would do the same over again if placed in the same situation.

NOTE: Subject does posses a volatile temper when provoked/stimulated. In combat situations the subject does not expect, nor will he give “quarter”.

Subject possess many Sociopath tendencies that are tempered/controlled by great internal strength and practiced mental disciplines garnered from his Andorian cultural teachings.