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Joras Cardoth

Name Joras Cardoth Mr.

Position Guest Star - Chief Smuggler

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Erisian
Age 39

Physical Appearance


Personality & Traits

General Overview Cardoth has a passion for information and feels it could be a powerful asset, sometimes more important than brute force. He feels himself to be a sophisticated and genteel individual and avoided violence whenever possible, but was not averse to engaging in it when necessary. He has a strong sense of humor, leading to his tendency to place puns in the names of his ships, and frequently in his pseudonyms as well. Cardoth does not believe in displays of wealth and power, instead preferring to remain inconspicuous and avoid drawing possible foes. He does not hold strong personal grudges, realizing that foes could become allies if it was profitable; he was friendly and charismatic toward friends and enemies alike. Despite this—or perhaps because of it—he is perceived as calculating and mercenary by many of his peers.
He lives by a strict code of honor, providing protection for all who were his guests regardless of how he felt about them and was determined to keep his word. He detests slavery and kidnapping and refused to engage in either. This is recognized by his peers, who consider him to be as close to trustworthy as a fringer could be. Cardoth is fiercely loyal to his personnel and dedicated to their protection. When he gives his word, he is absolutely dedicated to keeping it, even at heavy personal cost to himself. He treats his employees extremely well, earning their respect and devotion in turn. He is known as someone who should not be crossed, and his retribution was feared. He will not tolerate any mistreatment of his people whatsoever and has in the past extracted heavy punishments for harm done to members of his organization. He does not hire bounty hunters, however, preferring to do his own dirty work.

He is NOT like the normal Erisian male. He believes in Aristocracy of Talent not MEN RULE. His 2IC is a female half Betazoid half Human. Their relationship seems professional but there are rumors it is not.

Character Background

Personal History First signs of the man appeared around 10 years ago. He left Erisia and with several other fringers created an alliance of Smugglers and the like. He rose to the top very quickly, through means unknown/undiscussed. His groups numbers todate are hard to determine. But it is believed that he has about 10 ships officially working for him, and 6 that he 'owns' outright. These ships, were either brought legitimately or... borrowed from Ship graveyards and fixed up.

His flagship is a retrofitted Miranda Class named "Black Hole"

These ships smuggle goods and people. He does not deal in Slavery and any one of his people found to partake in it are dealt with harshly. The last known one was found bound, gagged and badly beaten on the DS9 promenade deck for Starfleet security to take in hand.

Languages Common Erisian, Federation Standard, Klingon

Medical and Psychological Information

Medical Review Like the all of Erisians, he was raised on the Erisian home world

He is right handed, unlike the majority of his race.

His blood type is T-A, which as it is the blood type of the Royal line, shows that his family has biological connections to them. It is possible but any connection is hard to determine.