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ROLL CALL and Normal Posting Requirements resume

Posted on Sat Jan 4th, 2020 @ 10:41am by Captain Phoenix Lalor

Good Morning All,

Here on the Elysium, we recognize that the holiday season is an important time for all concerned regardless of race, religion and creed. Thus with this in mind, from the 12th of December, the posting regulations will be relaxed to allow for those who need to, to travel and to spend time with their families. During the period 12th of December until the 3rd of January, players are not required to post, but may do so, if they wish. On the 4th of January the posting regulations will be back in force and a roll call will be issued. Players will be expected to reply to the roll call within a 7 day period and also expected to post 1 solo post within 7 days after the resumption of normal posting regulations.

With the above, we are now in Roll Call zone.

Each Player will be added to a Roll Call OOC post (Which is not to be sent) and will be expected to post a solo post between the 4/1/20 and the 10/1/20!

I will be noting the Solo posts. Normal JPs can still be undertaken but a solo post is key to the Roll Call.

Kind Regards

Capt. Lalor


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