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Monthly News Item: December 2019

Posted on Sun Dec 29th, 2019 @ 7:14am by Captain Phoenix Lalor

**Sim Name:** USS Elysium - Or otherwise known as the ELY

**TF/TG:** 72C

**Sim Update:**
Hmm *Checks the website* Oh yes, updated our ship tour, fixed some spelling mistakes on the site. *Whistles innocently* the crew is currently under Christmas posting regulations, but they seem to be ignoring them for the most part, with more posts this month than last.

**Crew Update:** So we have had a busy month crew wise:

We gained: Vice-Consul Radun Dran - Our new diplomatic attaché, Lieutenant Alicia Kelea - A Chief Counselor- *quick someone lock the doors do not let this one escape!*, Lieutenant Daras Til - Our brand new Assistant Chief of Flight Control – Which for us is saying something as we have never had one of them before!

And Lost: Lieutenant Commander Jason Morris, our rather newly appointed Chief of Security – he will be missed and is welcome back at any time

We had several people promoted:
Petty Officer 2nd Class Kaywin-Li Fray to Petty Officer 1st Class(PC)
Lieutenant Jason Morris, to Lieutenant Commander, and Chief of Security And Tactical(PC)
Lieutenant JG Turak to Lieutenant and Assistant Chief of Security and Tactical(PC)
Ensign S’hib to Lieutenant JG(PC)
Legate Anje Brett to Envoy (PC)
Captain Azhul Naxea to Major(PC)
Ensign Lunara Hol to Lieutenant JG(PC)
Lieutenant JG Carter Smith to Lieutenant(PC)
Lieutenant JG William Holt to Lieutenant(NPC)
Petty Officer 1st Class Fernando De La Rosa to Chief Petty Officer(NPC)
Lieutenant Savar cha'Salik hei-Surak Talek-sen-deen to Lieutenant Commander(NPC)
Lieutenant Jessica Vaii to Lieutenant Commander(NPC)
Cadet Senior Grade Madelaine Masters - To Ensign(NPC)

Due to the loss of Commander Morris, Commander Holmes once more steps back into Security Tactical, and she mentioned it to me that no matter what she tries, its like an elastic band on her. And our new Intelligence chief will be Lieutenant Casper Thornhill.

Lieutenant Nevada McKay steps up to assistant chief of Science, assisting our chief of science is not for the faint of heart so I am sure she will be fine with it.
*Checks the list she makes each time she has to do one of these* Yup that’s it.

**Story Update:**
The USS Elysium is currently in orbit around Casperia Prime. We have a missing crewmember and one who is hitting on the Q for all she is worth. The Captain has authorised the hunt for their missing crew member, who is currently captured by the Orion Slavers.

We hope to rescue him and anyone else soon.

Come January, the Elysium will be launching a Year of Challenges. Each month, there will be a posting challenge for the players. It is just a bit of fun to keep creative juices flowing and these posts will have little effect, unless they want them to, on their character's main lives. And they can even write them about their NPCS if they want.
We will start with: ** January Challenge: The Memory Challenge:**
Write a solo post about a fun memory in your characters past - minimum 1500 words.

These will run alongside our normal missions. And in January we hope to start our next mission: **Season 4- Episode 1 - Cause and Effect**

**Other Info:**
Users: 24 – 1 Web host
Playing Characters: 24 – 1 Web host
NPCS: 35
Mission Posts: 137
Personal Logs: 0
Totals: 130
Avg Mission Posts/User: 5.71


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