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Posted on Thu Jun 7th, 2018 @ 1:27am by Captain Phoenix Lalor

Attention crew

As I am sure some of you saw in Discord, earlier today, our host (Utopia Host) is doing a massive update to their servers. This is both good and bad in the same sentence.

First off and foremost our site will not be available from Friday 8/6/18 8am AEST through Monday AEST(unless notified be me sooner). Please do not attempt to log in, response to a JP, or update anything on the site till the all clear is given. The site should not be open to use during this time; but even if it is, this update could cause some errors if you were to log in before allowed.

Secondly as a precaution, I will be backing up our site and database should there be any problems. This will be done Thursday night my time! This means IF there is a problem the site and database will revert to the save file, from today!! I do not see a problem happening, but one never knows.

Captain Lalor


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Category: Sim Announcement