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Crew Changes

Posted on Tue Jul 31st, 2018 @ 8:24am by Captain Phoenix Lalor

We have had a terrible run with Marines of late. And thus we have removed our entire Marine Department, one of whom only joined mid-month!

With their removal, I made a choice to change the way certain departments are run on the USS Elysium.

I created a department called Strategic Defence.

It combines the following three departments:

Strategic Operations
Star Fighter Wing

It will be an NPC ONLY Department. I have increased the NPC Limit, so if you wish to create an NPC within the new department you are welcome to. You may even transfer an NPC to that department if you wish.

I have created an NPC for the Chief roll – Lieutenant Commander Carlos Harriman.

Command Taylor will still be the Group Commander unless he wishes to relinquish it.

Let me know!


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Category: Sim Announcement