Mission 6 - Line in the Sand

Read the story so far…Mission ParametersTitle: Line in the Sand
Status: Pending…

Starting Stardate: 69468.5

Location: Earth

Primary Goal(s):

  • R’n’R
  • Organise assault on Xi’ia
  • Utilise alliance with Borg Collective

Secondary Goal(s):

  • Pending…

Assets: U.S.S. Elysium, Arundel Castle, Earth

Threat Level: Low

Potential Threats: Nil

Mission Focus: Character Development

Mission Length: TBC



Mission Overview 

The Elysium returns to Earth and the crew of the ship are given access to Admiral Sharr’s private estate and the facilities while they work on taking advantage of a fragile alliance with the Collective to destroy a returned foe, Xi’ia.


Mission Briefing 


With the Admiral back aboard and safe the Elysium set course for Earth as soon as it was able.  Now the crew has been given access to the Admiral’s private accommodation on Earth, Castle Arundel in England.  The Castle boasts the best luxury facilities and a 3 Michelin Star Chef and a fantastic team to feed, water and relax the crew as they put their heads together to stop a threat that could destroy all life in all dimensions.


Mission Timeline 

  • MD 01: Arrival at Castle Arundel, England.  Debrief and orders.
  • MD 02: Rest and Relaxation

*Blue Denotes In Progress
*Gold Denotes Complete

Mission VIPs