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The U.S.S. Elysium is the first of her class and a flagship to Starfleet’s Ninth (Obsidian) Fleet, under the Command of one of the Joint Fleet Command, the Elysium’s role is one of diplomacy, scientific discovery and support in times of need.

Boasting the most advanced technology available to the Federation and being fully holographic the Elysium is home to some of the brightest minds in Starfleet as well as some unique positions, there is the office of Internal Affairs and the elusive Department of Temporal Investigations which allows the Elysium to respond to any issue in her vicinity or threat to the timeline, there is also the first of 4 mobile branches of Starfleet Academy where cadets from all around the Federation can get hands on experience aboard a fully operational Starfleet Vessel under the watchful gaze of an official representative of the Academy and one of the most experienced Admirals the Federation can offer.

The Elysium is set in the year 2393 in the Primary Timeline in accordance with the events of Obsidian Fleet, for more information check out the OFHQ.



Currently Recruiting:

  • Marine Commanding Officer
  • Chief Security Officer
  • Chief Intelligence Officer
  • Chief Tactical Officer
  • Chief Communications Officer
  • …and various positions and civilian openings across the ship!

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The Elysium floats lifeless in the depths of space.

The crew that survived the synchronised explosion of the convoy ships now band together and try to repair what they can of their broken home and piece together what truly happened and where they are, as what they can see is telling them they are a long way from Earth.


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